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How To Prevent A Spin Out On An Icy Road

When winter comes around it can cause inclement weather on the roads. This is especially dangerous because it can make roads more difficult to navigate. When that happens, it’s more dangerous to drive and you’re more likely to have a spin-out on an icy road. Here’s how you can prevent yourself from having a spin-out on the road.

How to Prepare

The best place to start is by getting your car ready for the road. Getting winter tires for your cars can help you with traction on snow and ice. Also, getting tire chains can be helpful under certain conditions. Depending on certain state areas, however, they can be banned or you may be required to use them. Be sure to look at your state’s law about tire chains.

Having your car battery checked or replaced is also something you should do. Having a battery that’s old can have you running into problems during the cold months. A weak battery can potentially not start your car, or it can shut off at any time when it’s cold out. If this happens while you are driving it can lead to a dangerous situation. You should also have roadside assistance on stand by just in case.

Ice on The Road

If there is ice on the road, the best thing for you to do is drive slow. Even when driving over a smaller patch of ice, that can cause you to start to spin out. If the back of your car starts to slide, you will want to turn your steering wheel in the direction of the slide. Doing this will help you maintain some control of the car. Also if you feel yourself beginning to lose control of the car, do not hit your brakes, if you do you can make things worse and contribute to the spin-out.

If the front end of the car starts to slide then you want to ease off the accelerator while holding the steering wheel. If your car has anti-lock brakes, then you want to use pressure in spurts to get your car to stop. With cars that don’t have anti-lock brakes, then you want to pump the brakes periodically to keep the wheels from locking.

Avoid Driving

The best way to avoid a spin-out is by not driving. Winter conditions are a hassle that nobody wants to deal with unless they have to. So check the weather conditions before you leave the house. You should always gauge whether it’s worth the effort of going out at the moment. However, if you need to drive in the snow and ice, make sure to be prepared for anything. Keep an eye on the traffic and if there are any delays. As well as be ready to turn back and head home if necessary. And always remember to drive safely.

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