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The Best Car Insurance Commercials

The Best Car Insurance Commercials

They don’t exactly teach you about car insurance in school, so a lot of times, our first exposure to auto insurance is through vehicle insurance commercials.

Car insurance commercials dominate the ad breaks more than any other product promotion. It’s easy to get desensitized or annoyed with most of these car insurance ads, so only the most unique car insurance commercials will ever be remembered. They have come in the form of mascots, ongoing ad series, and well-placed humor.

Here are some of the best examples of auto insurance commercials and why they have proven to be so memorable.

Allstate’s “Mayhem” Ads

Car insurance claims are often filed for serious damage to personal assets. Allstate adds dry humor to damaging circumstances with Dean Winters as Mayhem, who starts out every commercial ad explaining what he is for the duration. He can be a car thief, the snow that causes your garage to collapse, or even Tina Fey’s dog distracting her from driving.

Since 2010, Mayhem has starred in his own series of auto insurance ads from Allstate. When you see Winters’ face, you know something is about to get broken. But it’s ok because all that is broken is covered by Allstate.

Progressive’s “Flo” Ads

Another big mascot in auto insurance advertising is Progressive’s Flo, portrayed by Stephanie Courtney since 2008. Armed with smiles and comedic timing, Flo has shown us that auto insurance doesn’t have to be a mundane experience. Her car insurance ads range from holiday themes to character appearances like Sonic The Hedgehog to show the latest in Progressive’s car insurance offers and products.

State Farm’s “Jake” Ads

An auto insurance mascot that is a popular Halloween costume, other than Flo for girls, is Jake from State Farm for boys. All you need is a red polo and khakis. The car insurance commercial which everyone knows by heart features a man making a late-night call to his vehicle insurance provider, which his wife is suspicious of. Thanks to her, everyone knows what Jake from State Farm is wearing. The auto insurance commercial also shows how attentive customer service for car insurance claims is at State Farm.

Farmer’s “Hall of Claims” Ads

In Famer’s marketing campaign of auto insurance commercials, actor J.K. Simmons plays a sort of curator character guiding people interested in Farmer’s Car Insurance on a tour of the Hall of Claims where he recounts how the car insurance claim happened. This is usually exaggerated and given a clever name.

Farmer’s also has a great commercial jingle which they acknowledge with one such car insurance commercial where a driver is too busy jamming out to it to drive safely -resulting in hitting a building. Their slogan, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two,” illustrates their message that no car insurance claim is too much or too odd for them.

Liberty Mutual’s “LiMu Emu And Doug” Ads

Liberty Mutual dominates Youtube with their thirty-second car insurance ads featuring a parody/homage to buddy cops with Doug and LiMu Emu.

The auto insurance ads often detail their quest to get everyone customizable car insurance which is a primary service for Liberty Mutual. They get everyone customizable car insurance with their out-of-the-box humor and references to old movies and shows. This approach has helped Liberty Mutual stand out amongst everything else in the car insurance world.

Geico’s “Gecko” Ads

For over 20 years, Geico has been using its gecko mascot in auto insurance commercials. He’s not overly cartoony, but a British salesman and car insurance expert. He’s appeared in over 150 car insurance ads traveling around the world or just hanging out around the Geico headquarters speaking with coworkers.

Stats show that the Geico gecko is just as recognizable as Colonel Sanders and Starbuck’s mermaid. “Switching to Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance” is still quoted by elementary school students today. They may not understand it yet, but it’s like a catchphrase by a famous character.

The General’s “General” Ads

With a name like The General, the idea of a mascot couldn’t be more obvious. The General’s army general mascot has been promoting low car insurance rates with a drill Sargent chant at the end of his auto insurance ads.

Sometimes he can be seen with a pet penguin or with NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal talking about the latest in car insurance promotions from The General.

Geico’s “Rhetorical Question” Ads

Another great series of car insurance commercials from Geico is their rhetorical question commercials. Playing off the fact that you can save 15% or more on your auto insurance when you switch to Geico, a disclaimer appears in the car insurance ad and poses that question followed by a rhetorical one like “did the little piggy cry wee-wee-wee all the way home?” The auto insurance ad then cuts to a pig doing just that in a car seat until he is dropped back home. The little piggy would also go on to appear in other Geico car insurance ads due to his popularity.

State Farm’s “Good Neighbor” Ad

The best kind of advertising comes from contagious jingles. State Farm’s has always been “Like a good neighbor; State Farm is there.” They illustrate this in car insurance commercials with drivers in need magically summoning an auto insurance agent with the jingle. If they are insured, then the car insurance agent will appear and tell them they are covered. Meanwhile, the other person summons an unreliable auto insurance agent from a competitor.

How Can Auto Insurance Commercials be Memorable?

Insurance companies like Geico and Progressive spend billions of dollars on car insurance advertising annually, while Farmer’s spends $129 million. Car insurance is an incredibly common product that nearly everyone owns. Stats show that TV and web media are where car insurance commercials are mostly viewed.

As you just read, all an auto insurance company needs to bring a unique light to their car insurance product is to provide a memorable 30 seconds that the viewer will briefly think about. Jingles and mascots especially help with this.

As you can also see, car insurance providers can afford to be funny in their auto insurance advertisements. As long as they take their car insurance services and offers seriously, they can be humorous about it. Humor can also be a good thing since it shows intelligence and understanding. Those are two things you will absolutely want with your car insurance company.

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