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Insurance Navys expert team focuses on ensuring our content and services uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our dedicated team also manages our extensive writing network, which guarantees the information you receive is accurate, evidence based, current, and trustworthy.

A team of car insurance experts reviews our content, ensuring that existing and new content is accurate so you can make the best decisions about your car insurance.

We strive to be your most trusted partner in pursuing the right car insurance.

Hayley Crandall is a Senior insurance analyst and writer for Insurance Navy. She enjoys researching and learning all about the world of insurance. She previously worked as a reporter for the Milwaukee Courier covering a variety of topics across Milwaukee, WI. Hayley has a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Kevely Diaz is a senior insurance analyst and content writer. She enjoys researching topics about neuroscience and has written about it for academic settings. Kevely has previously worked as a research assistant for Florida International University, where she was awarded a BA in Psychology.
Sam Rakestraw is a senior insurance analyst and content writer for Insurance Navy. His articles are all written with a deep familiarity and knowledge of all aspects of the insurance industry. Sam is also a freelance journalist for publications such as Off-Kilter Media, where he has a reputation for interviewing up-and-coming local musicians. Sam has a BA in Journalism from High Point University.