The most dangerous cars

The Most Dangerous Cars - 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles Of The Last 50 Years

Wondering Which Are The Most Dangerous Cars Of The Last 50 Years? Read this article to know about some of the most dangerous cars from the last 50 years that have existed in infamy putting occupants' safety and lives at risk, and also some of the mistakes and darker secrets of automakers. If you see any of the following cars, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. It just might save your life.

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Can You Test Drive a Car With No Insurance

Can You Test Drive a Car With No Insurance?

Buying a car without insurance is a big no-no. However, before you make the purchase official and put your name on the vehicle title, the car is still under the dealership’s or seller’s car insurance.

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Can I Insure A Car Not Registered To Me

Can I Insure A Car Not Registered To Me? - Can You Get Insurance For a Car That Isn’t Registered to You?

Wondering Can I Insure A Car Not Registered To Me? While it’s not exactly orthodox, it’s possible for you to get car insurance for a vehicle or car that isn’t registered in your name or you don’t own. In fact, there are some different ways you can go about it.

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How to get a gap insurance refund

How to Get a GAP Insurance Refund - GAP Insurance Refund: Is It Possible And How Do I Get It

Wondering How to Get a GAP Insurance Refund? GAP insurance is designed to help provide additional financial coverage for a car that is being financed by its owners rather than owned outright. If something were to happen to that car, such as it getting totaled in an accident, then you would be on the line for any remaining loan payments. Find out everything you need to know about getting a GAP insurance refund.

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How Can You Get A Driving School Insurance Discount

How Can You Get A Driving School Insurance Discount? - Does Driving School Lower Insurance?

Wondering How Can You Get A Driving School Insurance Discount? While a driving school insurance discount may not be substantial, driving school classes do lower car insurance costs. This isn’t just the case for any driver. Even teen drivers required to go through driving school can earn up to 5% off on their car insurance after completing driving course.

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Can you get car insurance with two names on the title

Can You Get Car Insurance With Two Names on The Title?

So with drivers legally allowed to co-own cars, that begs the question. Do they also need to co-own car insurance? Such a thing does exist, but it’s not without its limitations. Here is how you can and can’t get car insurance with at least two names on the car’s title.

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Are car insurance companies open on weekends

Are Car Insurance Companies Open on Weekends?

Although most automobile insurance providers are open on the weekends, individual agents may not be accessible. Most automobile insurance providers may be contacted at any time of day or night by phone, going to their website, or using an app.

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Ding and dent car insurance

Ding And Dent Car Insurance

If you were to look through the different types of car insurance, you wouldn’t find a specific one called “ding and dent insurance.” Whether insurance will cover dings and dents is based on how the car got them in the first place –be it from an accident or impact to the car while it was parked.

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Dealer Car Insurance

Dealer Car Insurance - Auto Dealer Insurance

Does An Auto Dealer Need Dealer Car Insurance? If you’re wondering how car dealerships handle their own car insurance or are looking to open up a car dealership lot yourself, then this is the post for you as we look at what kind of car insurance a car dealership will have to get in order to both operate and protect their assets.

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Can You Get Insurance With an Expired License

Can You Get Insurance With an Expired License?

Wondering Can You Get Insurance With an Expired License? Read more to find out if it's possible to get car insurance with an expired driver's license, what to do if your driving license expires and you still have an active vehicle insurance policy, and what happens when your expired license gets discovered by your auto insurance company.

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