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Types of Car Insurance Claims

Types of Car Insurance Claims

Keeping track of your car insurance claims is important for two reasons. Because insurance companies utilize your claim records to calculate your yearly premiums, keeping the tally down is in your best interests. No matter how small the claim appears to be, you are being observed by your insurer. If you make several in a short time, your premium may rise by a significant amount. Because you cost your insurance provider money with a claim, it’s not a good thing and they’ll simply get their money back by raising premiums.

About 12 million automobile collisions occur each year, with over 33% of those causing property damage. While the majority of these are classified as “fender benders,” which result in minor damage and rarely serious injuries, 42,000 people die every year in accidents, of which almost half are due to drunk drivers. Every six years or so, the average motorist will be in a collision. You may be one of the lucky drivers who has never had an accident during his or her driving career. You’re a unique breed; we mere mortals can only stand in awe as you go by.

Common Reasons a Claim is Filed

An insurance claim is always made following injuries to another driver and damage to their cars. Depending on the type of coverage, it may be yourself and your car that is affected. Claims are often due to:

  • Rear-end collision - This not only can be damaging to the back of the car, but also the driver inside who might experience whiplash.
  • Windshield damage - Whether it’s from an accident or exterior factor, a car’s windshield should always be kept crack and chip-free.
  • Damage sustained while parked - Comprehensive insurance is king when it comes to any damage done to your car while you are away from it.
  • Reversed into something - This is common and happens to the best. Another driver may even do the same to you.
  • Vandalized - Any criminal-related activities that victimize your car, like vandalism, can be covered by comprehensive coverage.
  • Weather damage - After damage from hail and snow, comprehensive insurance can provide coverage.
  • Single car accidents - As you noticed from some of these examples, there doesn’t always have to be another driver involved for an insurance claim. Running into something on the roadside like a sign or post is a job for collision coverage.
  • Stolen Car - Like when a car is vandalized, theft is another criminal hazard that insurance will cover with a replacement value claim.
  • Collision with at least one driver - Group accidents tend to occur at traffic intersections. Liability often depends on the driver at fault and which insurance companies the claims are filed with. If you have full auto coverage, you will be covered from all these listed hazards. Basic coverage with only liability and property damage can only do so much.

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