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Can You Get Insurance For a Car That Isn’t Registered to You?

Can you get insurance for a car that isn’t registered to you

While it’s not exactly orthodox, it’s possible for you to get car insurance for a vehicle or car that isn’t registered in your name or you don’t own. In fact, there are some different ways you can go about it. While everyone who drives a vehicle must have auto insurance, some people are uncertain whether non-owner vehicle insurance may be obtained if they don’t own the car outright. If you don’t own the vehicle outright, non-owner vehicle insurance and more may be an option. This post looks at how you can do just that, along with the smartest ways to go about it.

How Can You Get Insurance For a Car That Isn’t Registered to You?

As long as you have a valid driver’s license, you can drive any car that isn’t registered in your name. That car will need to have insurance coverage, however. This is a requirement in 49 out of the 50 states.

Here are the following ways you can insure a car that isn’t registered in your name:

  • Add the car to an existing car policy - You can add another car to a policy you already have with a car that is registered in your name.
  • Get non-owner car insurance - This car insurance is exactly how it sounds as it provides coverage for drivers that don’t own their cars. This is usually the case for people who drive other people’s cars frequently or don’t have on registered to them.
  • Get a separate car policy - Alternatively, you can get a whole new policy rather than adding on to an existing one. This can especially be the case if you don’t have an existing auto policy of your own.

Adding a Car Not Registered To You to an Existing Car Insurance Policy

There are some important steps and things you should be aware of before beginning the process of adding a car (registered or unregistered to you) to an existing car insurance policy of yours or another’s. You would just have to include the car’s VIN, a list of drivers if you are not the only one, and the insurance company’s approval. Your insurance rates for the car will be determined by its safety features, crash ratings, and repair costs. Of course, this option limits you to just one insurance provider –the one you are already with.

Purchasing a Non-Owner Policy For a Car Not Registered to You

Having a car registered in your name is a crucial part of car ownership. In fact, it’s one of the determining factors. If you regularly drive a car or cars that aren’t registered (or you don’t own), then you may qualify for non-owner car insurance. This form of coverage isn’t the most uncommon. It’s restricted vehicle coverage from most major auto insurers that allows you to drive someone else’s car.

Non-driver insurance typically only covers liability, but it does not always cover the car you’re operating. Non-driver insurance will not cover you if you cause an accident or drive into a tree, or are in an animal collision while driving. This form of insurance will only pay for the medical expenses and property damage costs of the other driver if you are hit by one. The most notable reasons why you would be denied non-owner car insurance is if you drive the car in question regularly or live with the registered person.

Purchasing Individual Car Insurance For a Car Not Registered to You

You can go all-out with finding your own car insurance policy when you don’t qualify for a non-owners or existing policy. Car insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver, so it can be done with a car that isn’t registered in your name. If you are a regular driver of the car, then you should have no trouble getting individual insurance for it. However, since the car isn’t registered in your name, you will have to prove something known as insurable interest in order to get your own insurance.

Basically, you will need to prove the relationship you have with the car and the person it is registered with. A relationship with the car can be established by explaining how you suffer from financial damage if the car is damaged while the original driver is using it.

What Car Insurance is Available For Non-Owners?

Non-owners and those with cars that aren’t registered with them are entitled to all the coverages that standard drivers would get. Several insurance providers have non-owner car insurance for drivers who rent or borrow cars frequently.

Relying on rental car insurance from rental companies can be far more expensive than a non-owners policy. At the same time, the original owner’s insurance of a borrowed car will not carry over to anyone else driving it unless they are specifically mentioned on the policy or have a non-owners policy of their own.

Where Can Non-Owner Car Insurance be Purchased?

Several car insurance providers, both local and national, have non-owner policies available at varying rates. That’s why it helps to gather quotes and shop for it the same way as you would for regular car insurance since every provider prices their insurance differently. While non-owners car insurance may cost slightly more than standard, it follows you as the driver and not the cars you drive. Just remember to keep the information of what and whose car you are renting or borrowing up to date on your policy.

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