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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Dr. Renu Ann Joseph

Continuing on the celebration of Women’s History Month, we are now taking a closer look at a woman who is currently the CEO and founder of her very own company. Dr. Renu Ann Joseph began her passion of data insights right as soon as she stepped foot on University of Illinois at Chicago’s campus back in the early 2000’s. She obtained both her bachelor’s and pHD from the University.

She developed her own company, called Luminant Analytics, after she took on a job that had her closely working on identifying and projecting external environment changes, captured varied data sources, and then linked them back to a large re-insurer’s US casualty book of business.

A trained economist, Renu has experience working in the financial services industry as well as the public health industry as well. Since she started her company, she has seen a massive uproar of success as not only an amazing entrepreneur but also demonstrating her work on topics such as insurance data analysis, macroeconomic modeling, health policy analysis, and tobacco control economics.

Renu is a force to be reckoned with, and one current present day woman who is making history in not only the insurance world, but for many young woman’s minds who are eager to follow their dreams and succeed.