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The Primary Driver of a Car for your Teen

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When an auto insurance company provides coverage for a vehicle, they always establish a primary driver of said vehicle. Naturally, the car you buy will have you listed as the primary driver. If you’re married, your spouse would be classified as the primary driver of a second car your household has. When a third car comes into play, the car insurance company will designate your teenager as the primary driver. This is pretty much how every insurance provider operates.

Teenage drivers are more expensive to insure due to a lack of driving history and high-risk association. This is the case regardless of whether or not they are designated as a primary driver of a vehicle. However, insurance rates are higher when they are the primary driver of a car because the insurer uses the primary driver’s driving record as an indicator of the premiums.

Why Are There Primary Drivers For Car Insurance?

The primary driver of a car is the person who will use it the most thus the car is subject to their driving habits. As previously mentioned, this plays a role in determining how much the car insurance rates will be for the policyholder. At the same time, there can also be secondary drivers of the car. While their driving habits may not impact the insurance rates as much, the provider will still take note of them.

It’s a common move for insurance providers to designate a couple’s child as the primary driver of a third new car. Assuming that it’s for yourself and your family, you and your spouse are the only ones with cars at the moment.

With just you and your spouse as primary drivers with cars of your own, your annual premium is likely around $1,638 per year. When your child turns 16 and gets their driver’s license, your premiums can increase to about $3,846 per year. When they are a primary driver of a vehicle at 16, the premium increases by at least $1,000 to $4,808. This also depends on the type of car they were made the primary driver of.

How Can You Save When Adding a Young Primary Driver?

The good news is that there are some ways you can save when adding your young driver to your auto policy as a primary driver.

You can reduce your annual premium by doing the following:

  • Request insurer to add young driver as primary driver to the cheapest car - Some insurance companies make them the primary drivers of the newest or most expensive car. You can ask them to do the exact opposite to save on premiums.
  • Request insurer to exclude young driver from some cars - This can be helpful if you have a car that they won’t be driving.
  • Go for the good student discount - This falls on your child. Good grades are often rewarded by the insurance company with a 10% discount. Take advantage of the time they have in school to save.
  • Shop around for low-cost car insurance - Of course, you have the option of letting your auto policy lapse and begin a new one with another insurer that offers better deals for new drivers. Insurance companies, both local and national, have free online quote calculators for you to use.

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