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Can You Get Insurance With an Expired License?

Can You Get Insurance With an Expired License

Ok, let’s think about this using common sense. Can you get car insurance, which is for your car that you need a driver’s license to operate, be done without said drivers license? Come on; the answer is on the tip of your tongue. It’s an obvious no.

Honestly, kudos to you if you managed to drive to a car insurance office without a driving license and not get caught because that isn’t exactly legal. That could’ve made finding car insurance coverage much harder. But right now, with just an expired driver license, car insurance coverage is quite simple to get.

Is a Driver’s License Required For Car Insurance?

Sure is. Otherwise, the car insurance providers will put their foot down and tell you no. Every car insurance company looks at driver’s licenses to make sure they are active, United States-issued, and ideally free of any drivers license violation points.

Car insurance companies also look for any lapses in car insurance coverage (as you should be carrying car insurance at all times you have a car) and any history of car insurance fraud.

Getting car insurance coverage is key in getting your car registered with your state’s DMV. Imagine your driving license, car insurance coverage, and car registration as irreplaceable keys to a locked door –the locked door of legal driving, that is.

What do You do With an Expired License?

We ask a lot of no-brainers in this post. You renew an expired license, of course.

Driver’s licenses have a lifespan of around five to seven years, with an expiration date on or close to your birthday. It can be renewed early or on that date. Most opt to renew them beforehand because no one wants to celebrate a birthday with a trip to the DMV.

In-person visits consist of waiting in line, getting your picture retaken, then paying the renewal fee. It should take five minutes in theory but takes up to 45 in reality. But some states allow the process to be done over the phone or computer. It couldn’t be any easier or quicker than it is now. Letting your driver’s license expire on its own and losing your driving privileges actually takes a bit of effort.

How Does a Car Insurance Company Find Out About an Expired Driver’s License?

If you were to use a car insurance provider’s online quote calculator, then they wouldn’t have access to your driver’s license. You’re just checking how much you would pay for car insurance coverage if they were to provide it.

If car insurance companies were to request your motor vehicle report, then that’s when they can learn about your expired driving license because they will need to verify your information. Some car insurance providers may do this as part of their quoting process. If you submit an application with a car insurer, they will always run your vehicle report.

What Happens When Your Expired Drivers License is Discovered?

The good news is that there are no harsh penalties from the car insurance company if they find that your drivers license is expired.

Most insurers are actually quite personable when it comes down to it –allowing you up to a month to have it resolved before they sign you on an auto insurance coverage policy. Most car insurers draw the line at ten days. That’s more than enough to go to the DMV and renew your driver’s license.

What if You Have an Active Car Insurance Policy And Your Driver’s License Expired?

You will also not be heavily penalized if your driver license expires while your car insurance coverage policy is active.

Again, your car insurance provider may be lenient and give you some time to renew your driver’s license before they officially cancel your auto insurance coverage. At the end of the day, you can’t have one without the other.

Driving without a driving license can cause you to lose your car insurance coverage, and driving without car insurance coverage can cause you to lose your driving license in the worst-case scenarios.

Why do we Need to Renew Drivers Licenses?

Driver’s license expiration dates exist so DMVs can keep up to date on their drivers’ statistics by birthday. Any new information is updated on your driving license, along with any new legislation requirements.

If you can gather anything from this post, it’s that they made this process easy for everyone to do, and the possibility of losing your driving privileges due to driver’s license expiration slimmer.

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Updated: November 2023

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