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Think Twice Before Driving With an Expired License in Illinois

Every state has their own penalties for driving with an expired license – tickets, fines, and even vehicle impoundment and possible arrest is just the start of it all. Illinois is not an exception.

If you happen to live in the beautiful state of Illinois, you shouldn’t take driving with an expired license lightly. Just because every state is different with leniency on their regulations with expired driver’s licenses, does not mean Illinois is an exception to this rule.

Illinois state law says, “No person shall drive a motor vehicle unless he holds a valid license or permit, or a restricted driving permit issued.” (625 ILCS 5 / 6 - 101). To put this into perspective, it is illegal for any driver to operate a vehicle with an expired license.

So, what exactly would happen if you are currently driving in Illinois with an expired driver’s license? Well, the consequences are not great, and depending on how long your driver’s license has expired, can determine the severity of your consequence. Here are some of the things that can happen if you are caught driving with an expired driver’s license in Illinois.

Driving Without a Driver’s License is Illegal, But Driving With an Expired Driver’s License is Worse

So, we all know what can happen if we drive in Illinois without a driver’s license, but driving with an expired license, that’s something many people frequently do more often than driving without a license.

The consequences aren’t severe to the point where you will be chased by four cop cars, but you might find yourself getting arrested or even given a ticket. Here is what else can happen if you are caught in Illinois driving with an expired license.

  • If you get caught driving with an expired license, you will receive a citation and court summons for a hearing. You could even face the same penalties as driving without a license. Such as receiving a Class B Misdemeanor, receive up to 6 months in jail, up to 24 months of probation, and even up to $1,500 in fines
  • If you are found driving under the influence, or commit a hit and run or have a prior defense on your record, you will be arrested. You will even have to stay in prison until your bond is paid, and you don’t want that. So, renew your license in Illinois before driving again.
  • If your license is expired, the Secretary of State can even suspend your license altogether.
  • If you fail to show up in court, matters will only get worse for you. Your suspension or revocation will be extended and additional fines will pile up.

What Will Also Happen if You Don’t Renew Your Expired Illinois Driver’s License

There might be a general overview of what happens when you don’t renew your expired license, but there is plenty of information to help go more in depth of what will happen to you if you are caught driving with an expired driver license in Illinois.

Police Can Impound Your Car

Before you go arguing with police about your expired license, we would like to encourage you to take a look at Illinois state law that legally gives police officers the right to impound your car if you are found to be driving with an expired license and without proof of car insurance.

Also, if you are convicted of driving with an expired license, the Illinois Secretary of State will revoke your driving privileges by suspending your license. And, you won’t be able to apply for a new license until the suspension period is over.

Trust, as your auto insurance company, we aren’t going to be very thrilled to see your mugshot appear on the news with a headline saying that you were caught with an expired license. If you want the best insurance possible, don’t violate any laws, especially if you know your driver’s license is expiring soon.

However, there is a timeline to renew your license.

  • 3 months after your 21st birthday
  • Every 4 years if you are between 21-80 years old
  • Every 2 years if you are between 81-86 years old
  • Every year if they are 87 and older

You should never wait until the last minute to renew your license. Renew your license prior to your licenses’ expiration date. Believe it or not, but licenses may be renewed up to one year before a four-year or two-year license expires, or six months before a one-year license expires.

It is very easy to forget, and we all forget sometimes, especially when it comes to remembering to renew our license. However, if you keep checking it, or even write down the date of when it does expire, you will save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain to a cop why you’re driving with an expired license. Not to mention having to explain to your insurance company about what happened and the charges that you were given.

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