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What Color Car Has The Highest Insurance?

What Color Car Has The Highest Insurance

There’s an old wives tale that says red cars are charged the highest auto insurance because they are pulled over more often. This isn’t the case. An auto insurance company will never look at your car color when formulating your premiums. They are more concerned with past claims and your driving record. The only way your vehicle’s color can affect your auto insurance is if the paint was a custom job.

Vehicle Color Doesn’t Influence Insurance Rates

Your insurance company will not care if bought a bright pink car. As long as it came from the automaker with that color, your insurance rates will not be affected. Your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) doesn’t even have a mention of the color, and the insurance company always looks at the VIN. So, you have the total creative freedom of what color you want your car to be.

It’s Not The Car Colors; It’s The Tickets

Tickets and traffic violations will absolutely be looked at by the auto insurance provider. One ticket can increase your premiums by 22%. Having two tickets will double it. A ticket can be an indication of a driver who may make claims in the near future. This makes your car more expensive to insure.

What if The Car Colors Are Custom Jobs?

A custom paint job will be noted by your insurance company, but the premium it adds isn’t a whole lot. Custom paint is considered additional equipment. It’s not a big deal for the insurance provider.

More Fun Facts About Red Cars And Car Color

Another fact about red cars is that they are hardly ever involved in reported car thefts. Car thieves actually prefer white, black, and grey cars. Some of the more popular car colors for drivers are black, silver, white, and blue, with red making up a small percentage. Drivers choose their car color for cosmetic reasons and nothing more.

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