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Commercial Auto Insurance Illinois

If you or any of your employees use a car or truck to make deliveries or carry equipment. Then you’re required by the State of Illinois to maintain commercial auto insurance. Many new business owners are not aware they need commercial auto insurance. This puts them at risk by not insuring their vehicles.

A business needs liability coverage for their vehicles. In Illinois there is a requirement to have liability insurance for commercial vehicles. Although commercial auto insurance requirements will vary by state.

Vehicle liability insurance includes bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage. This insurance coverage protects a driver from financial liability. For instance, this includes injuries or damage to other people or property. As long as the driver is at-fault for an accident.

If you want more increased protection. There are various specialty coverages that you can add to auto insurance policies. You can also add them to roadside assistance plans.

Commercial auto insurance costs are higher than personal car insurance policies. This is because an insurance company takes on a bigger risk insuring a business. Compared to a single individual which is a lesser risk.

Commercial auto insurance companies set premiums based on different factors. Including the commercial auto coverages and policy limits. There is also distance traveled, as well as the type of cargo transported by commercial cars.

Running a business takes time, effort and involves risks. With Insurance Navy on your side. We will get you the coverage and protection in case the unexpected happens.

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*Please review your own policy for details on your commercial auto coverage. Coverage options vary by policy and provider.

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