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Driving on Bald Tires or Reduced Treads

Driving on Bald Tires or Reduced Treads

While some drivers lose their tire treads as they are worn down over time, a number of drivers choose to bypass a tire change. These tires with worn-down treads are known as bald tires. They’re endangering their own safety, as well as that of everybody else on the road with them. Blowing out a tire at a high speed can cause a collision complete with injuries and fatalities. Naturally, no one knows whether you will have an accident while driving on bald tires. However, according to statistics, the danger of having a major accident increases tenfold when the tread is missing.

Driving on Bald Tires Can Be Dangerous

The fact that bald tires are not risk-free should be made clear. Despite the fact that you haven’t had a flat or a blowout at high speed, bald tires can lead to loss of control, hydroplaning, and understeering. The lack of good tread, especially on wet days, may make you a risk. Fish-tailing, a significant increase in stopping distance - even skidding off the road - are all possibilities.

A bald tire is one that has less than a 2/32” tread depth. It wears away as you drive over time. Tires, without a doubt, have a significant impact on your car’s traction abilities. The tread can wear faster or slower depending on your driving habits and the miles you drive. Regardless, more control equals more traction. Let’s be honest: tires cost a lot - but is the risk of driving on bald tires worth it? It can take some time to replace a couple of worn tires. You’re still playing the odds, especially during the rainy season, when hydroplaning is possible.

How to determine tire wear

A tire wear indicator bar can be seen across the tread grooves of newer tires. These are barely visible when new, but they become more apparent as the tread wears down. Tests have shown that - 75% of worn tires stop 50% further ahead than brand-new tires. In addition, bald tires double the time it takes for the car to stop. The summer heat can also affect your tires because rubber deteriorates faster in the sun. Finally, worn tires may run over an object and puncture themselves, causing a tire failure that would not happen with more tread.

A good test to see if your tires have sufficient treads is the reliable penny test. Simply place a penny in an upside-down position within the grooves of the tire treads. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s hair, then your tire is bald.

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Updated: November 2023

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