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Do You Need Insurance With a Learner’s Permit?

While parents of learner drivers tend not to think about car insurance until their child attends a driving school, and gets education classes and finally their drivers license, it’s equally as important to consider car insurance when they have their learner’s permits.

Even though teenage drivers with a learner’s permit aren’t full-time drivers yet, they still need car insurance. However, learner drivers don’t exactly need their own auto insurance policy. This post covers how learning drivers with a learner’s permit can be insured to drive and why it is so important to insure driving teenagers.

Do You Need Insurance For Drivers With a Learner’s Permit?

In most cases, learner drivers with learner’s permits are usually teenagers younger than the legal driving age recording their required miles so they can qualify for their driver’s license and take their state’s driving test.

They are typically living with their parents, who have at least one vehicle at their home. It’s likely that those cars are what the learner’s permit driver will be using. Being their parent’s cars, they should have a car insurance policy for them in their name.

While there’s no specialized car insurance for learner drivers with learner’s permits, teenagers who are learning how to drive are usually added as riders to their parents’ own car insurance policy. Car insurance follows the car rather than the driver. If someone else was to use another’s car, all they would need is their permission, and they would be covered by the auto insurance policy.

If the learner drivers need to use their car more regularly, then they are specifically added to the existing car insurance policy. This is why it can be difficult for someone who lives alone with a learner’s permit to find car insurance. It’s not impossible, however.

Is Car Insurance a Requirement For a Learner’s Permit Driver?

While getting car insurance isn’t part of receiving a learner’s permit, it is expected in 49 out of 50 states that everyone carries it while driving at all times. This includes when learner’s permit drivers drive with someone 21 years or older. As mentioned before, the younger learner driver is covered by whoever has given permission to drive with them, which is usually their parents or guardians. At the same time, there may be some state laws regarding drivers with learner’s permits.

What if a Driver With a Learner’s Permit Owns a Car?

A car insurance company should be notified when a learner driver gets their license. Auto insurers should also be notified if a learner’s permit driver owns a vehicle because car insurance is based on the vehicle and not the driver. With a car registered in their name, learner drivers are required to have a policy of their own and carry at least what their state requires in car insurance for their safety. However, this isn’t common as learner drivers are not able to drive it fully.

How do You Add a Driver With a Learner’s Permit to Your Car Insurance Policy?

The great news is that you don’t really have to if you have a learner’s permit driver in your household. Since the learner drivers would be driving a fully insured and registered vehicle, they would be entitled to all the auto insurance coverage. The policyholder is more often than not in the car with their learner driver, so proof of car insurance can easily be provided if they are pulled over or prompted otherwise. It’s when they get their driver’s license that the car insurance company should be notified. As registered drivers, they can now be officially added to the auto insurance policy.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For Leaner’s Permit Drivers?

Typically, learner drivers have the highest premium rates due to their lack of driving experience. This will be reflected when a learner driver is added to an existing car insurance policy and even more so if the learner driver has their own policy. A learner driver’s policy can cost four times the average annual auto premium of $1,540. Premiums remain this way until the driver turns 25, of course, assuming that they maintain safe driving habits and steer clear of traffic violations.

Can You Find Cheap Insurance For Drivers With a Learner’s Permit?

In order to find affordable car insurance for teenage drivers, you will have to do some digging. Every car insurance company underwrites its auto insurance policies differently. Notably, local car insurance providers are more likely to insure high-risk teenager drivers and offer more financial flexibility.

Remember that teenage drivers that recently got their learner’s permit or license will have higher-than-average auto insurance premium rates. However, there may be some discounts you qualify for when getting a new driver car insurance policy. Always inquire with the auto insurers about their car insurance rates and other questions you have about car insurance for new drivers and compare.

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