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When To Use Your High Beam Headlights

To keep other drivers safe but also increase your visibility, it is important to know when to use your high beam headlights. Most states require drivers to use headlights between sunset and sunrise. Drivers have low and high beam lights to choose from.

Low beams let you see about 200 feet ahead while high beams let you see about 350-400 feet ahead. However, there are certain weather conditions where high beam headlights can cause you to lose even more visibility.

When to use high beam headlights

In the right driving conditions, using the high beam headlights will make it easier to see down the road you are traveling on. Before you turn on your brights, the first thing you should do is reduce your speed. If there are no oncoming cars, you may turn your high beams on. Brights may be used in areas with poor lighting when there are no other cars around. Always dim your lights back to low beams when you see cars approaching or when you pull up behind a car. Driving with your brights on increases the risk of an accident because they can blind the other drivers.

When not to use high beam headlights

High beans also have the ability to make your visibility worse. Do not use high beams in fog, heavy rain, and snow. The light from your high beams will reflect back and create a glare. The glare will make it more difficult to see ahead. Some cars come equipped with fog lamps that may be used with low beams to improve visibility. Use these fog lamps instead of your high beams in bad driving conditions.

Now that winter is coming to an end, make sure to clean your headlights. Dirty headlights can also reduce your visibility. A regular car wash can clean up your headlights nicely. For a more thorough cleaning job, a headlight restoration kit can help bring your headlights to like-new conditions.


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