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What to do If Someone Dents or Dings Your Car

Have you ever gone away for only a little while, leaving your automobile in a parking lot, on a busy street, or even in a residential area, only to return and find that it has dents and scratches? You wouldn’t be the first. This is a problem that many people face. Even the most cautious drivers who park in distant parking spots to avoid dings and dents are hurt by inconsiderate drivers.

Finding fresh dents and scratches on your car is a horrible discovery for those who care about their car’s appearance. It might be considerably more devastating if the individual who damaged your automobile is unknown. While some drivers leave their contact information on a note after denting another person’s vehicle, many others do not.

What to do When You Find a Dent on Your Car

Here is what you should do when you find a dent or ding on your car:

  • Take as much information as you can - This includes the time, day, and details about the damage done to your car. Taking pictures helps immensely.
  • Inform the police - File a report with them since it will help your insurance claim.
  • File the claim - File an insurance claim using your uninsured motorist coverage if you have it.

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