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How to Stay Under Your Leased Car's Mileage Limit

Stay Under Your Leased Car's Mileage Limit

Leasing is a great cheap alternative way to get a car. However, some leases come with a mileage limit as a catch for the low cost. While you may already just be driving for essential reasons, but you would be surprised how fast the mileage can add up over the years. This post focuses on ways you can reduce your personal mileage to stay within your lease’s limit.

Use Public Transport More

Take advantage of the different public transport options area. One day each week, consider taking the bus, subway, or light rail to work. Your goal to drive less will be beneficial to the environment and your finances.

Use Another Car

You might choose to swap vehicles with someone who doesn’t have to commute to work or with someone whose commute is significantly shorter than yours. Driving less on certain days is one surefire way to save money. However, if using this approach to reduce the number of miles you pay on your automobile lease, make sure that the person you’re trading cars with is covered by your insurance plan.

Plan Trips Beforehand

It’s possible that you’ve made a mistake. It happens to everyone, especially when it comes to driving. We occasionally drive more than intended as a result of suboptimal planning. Consider your schedule and see if you can combine trips to save time and money. It’s easy to overlook how close your local grocery store or dry cleaners is sometimes. Walking or cycling can help you save money on your automobile lease while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

After leasing a new car from a dealership, there’s nothing quite like taking possession of it. You may avoid significant penalties if you drive less and therefore save money on vehicle lease mileage limits.

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