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Why is my Gear Shift Stuck in Park?

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Answered On Dec 30, 2022

· Answered On Dec 30, 2022

The good news is that whatever the reason why your gear shift is stuck in park isn’t that big of an issue. The problem would be with your car’s parking pawl, which is meant to disengage the output shaft in order to switch gears. Here are some times when you may experience it:

  • You’ve parked on a hill that causes the paw to jam. You can unjam the paw and gear shift by rocking the car back and forth. 
  • Your shifter interlock is stuck, and your car needs to be reset with the shift in the neutral or park position. 
  • Your brake switch isn’t working. It helps to see if your brake lights turn on to see whether or not they function. If they don’t, the brake switch may need to be replaced. 

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