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What is The Gas Mileage of a Smart Car?

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Answered On Jan 3, 2023

· Answered On Jan 3, 2023

Only older models of Smart Cars are available in the United States. These include the 2017 Smart EQ Fortwo with gas mileage of 33/38/35 mpg on city/highway/combined. 

Another Smart Car is the Fortwo Electric Drive, which has a mileage of 124/94/108 mpge with a 17.6 kWh battery that can go for up to 58 miles. 

Electric and “green” cars, as they are called, are subject to some of the higher car insurance rates due to the big technology investments. Smart Cars are more expensive to fix than standard cars, but their maintenance and fuel cost is lower. 

Insurance Navy offers some discounts for drivers of electric and smart cars in order to help offset the higher cost of insurance and strives to set a new standard for cheap car insurance. Start today with your free online quote to see what other discounts and low rates you qualify for. 

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