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Is Tesla Considered a Luxury Car?

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Answered On Mar 13, 2023

· Answered On Mar 13, 2023

Given all its technological features, a Tesla is absolutely considered to be a luxury car. While they may not look like much from the outside, it’s more so about what’s inside than anything. In fact, Tesla has some features that most automakers do not. 

Autopilot, streaming, air suspension, sentry mode, parking sensors, regular software updates, and even karaoke are Tesla’s unique features that come standard in all their models. The electric drivetrain is one of the largest selling points as well. 

At the same time, Teslas can be more or less expensive to insure because of these features and the components and parts that make them possible. Insurance Navy can help match you with the most affordable and even cheap Tesla policies for any level of coverage. Electric and hybrid cars may also qualify for a green car discount. Start today with a free cheap car insurance quote and see what low Tesla rates you may qualify for.  

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