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How Much Does it Cost to Jump Start Your Car if You Don’t Have AAA?

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Sam Rakestraw

Answered On Dec 30, 2022

· Answered On Dec 30, 2022

Without roadside assistance coverage or AAA membership, a jump start for a battery that died on you can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. This is also how much it may cost to get a new battery altogether. 

Have jumper cables with you or in your car for any other driver to assist you with jumpstarting your car. It’s better than waiting for someone you know to show up, and jump-starting a car doesn’t take a lot of skill or time. 

Of course, the most cost-effective way of being prepared for a dead battery jumpstart is having an AAA membership or roadside assistance coverage added to your car insurance policy. 

Insurance Navy offers competitive and low-cost rates even with our add-on products; roadside assistance is no exception. Never pay for a jump start service ever again when you add roadside assistance coverage to your already cheap car insurance.

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