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How Many Miles Can You Drive on One Gallon of Gasoline?

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Answered On Dec 9, 2022

· Answered On Dec 9, 2022

Every car and truck has different gas tank sizes and capabilities, so a gallon of gas can get them a variety of miles. But if there is an average, it would be around 25 miles per gallon. 

How many miles exactly one gallon of gas will get you will depend on the following factors of your car or truck:

  • The oil type that your engine uses. 
  • How much maintenance your car or truck requires. 
  • Tire alignment causes extra strain on the vehicle. 
  • Driving habits such as braking or accelerating suddenly.  

Other more environment-specific factors include where you drive and the seasonal conditions your area faces annually. Above all, one gallon of gas should get you anywhere from 20 to 30 miles. 

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