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How Long is it to Drive 1 Mile in Minutes?

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Answered On Jan 3, 2023

· Answered On Jan 3, 2023

Cars are able to cover miles in a matter of minutes. How many minutes exactly to transverse an entire mile depends on how fast the car is going. At 20 mph, for example, a car can cover a mile in three minutes. Cars going faster at 65 mph can cover it in 55 seconds. 

Other speeds and the time to drive a mile are:

  • Cars going 25 mph can go a mile in two minutes and 24 seconds. 
  • Cars going 35 mph can go a mile in one minute and 43 seconds. 
  • Cars going 45 mph can go a mile in one minute and 20 seconds. 
  • Cars going 50 mph can go a mile in one minute and 12 seconds. 

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