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How Long Does it Take to Fix Brakes And Rotors?

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Answered On Jan 3, 2023

· Answered On Jan 3, 2023

Right off the bat, fixing your car brakes and rotors can take anywhere from 30 minutes and an hour. Still, it helps to go to the auto shop with at least an hour to spare. You’ll always need to take your brakes in to be fixed; it will always save your life. 

The exact amount of time the repair will take depends on what is being fixed or replaced. Brake pads but not rotors will take less time than just rotor work, for example. Again, it’s important to get either of the two looked at or fixed before the damage becomes too severe. At the same time, bad rotors will not work with good brake pads. Replacing everything at once will take the longest. 

Keep features such as the brake system of your car in tip-top shape for the best and safest performance. Safe driving is largely the responsibility of the driver, but the car can help out just a little with up-to-date maintenance. 

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