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How Long do Wasps Live in Your House?

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Answered On Jan 3, 2023

· Answered On Jan 3, 2023

Wasps aren’t like flies when they invade your home. These mean, aggressive buggers can live up to a month. A queen can live up to a year. The more food and water nearby, then the longer the wasps will live. 

A trapped wasp, on the other hand, can die in a couple of days if cut off from sustenance. Trapping and ultimately disposing of a wasp is scary enough; so many people call an exterminator when they see one. 

If a hive is in or on your home, that can be a nightmare. A hive will last as long as the queen does. Professionals regularly handle wasp hives on porches and garages. Wasps can get into your home the same way other pests do –cracks, open doors, and unrepaired aspects of your home. 

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