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How do You Reset a Honda Odyssey Oil Light?

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Answered On Dec 19, 2022

· Answered On Dec 19, 2022

Oil lights are meant to be manually reset when you go to get your Honda Odyssey’s oil changed since that’s what they often illuminate to represent. If it wasn’t reset and remains on even though your car has good oil life, here is how you can personally reset it:

  • Turn on the car, but not the engine. 
  • Bring up your remaining oil life option by pressing the “select/reset” button. 
  • Hold the same button until the oil life light blinks for about 10 seconds. 
  • Hold it again for five more seconds, and it will reset. 
  • Turn your car completely off, then on again to check if the reset went through. 

If you discover that your car is leaking oil, then you should take it to an auto shop and mechanic at once. That can be a serious issue and even a safety hazard. 

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