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How do You Reset a Car’s ECU?

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Answered On Jan 17, 2023

· Answered On Jan 17, 2023

A car’s ECU, or engine control unit, should actually never have to be reset. It may, however, help with such issues as a stubborn check engine light or restoring your car to factory settings. Resetting a car’s ECU for any of these reasons and more is done in five simple steps:

  • Drive for about 15 minutes until the car reaches a normal temperature if it’s cold. 
  • Stop the car and disconnect the negative lead from the car battery under the hood. 
  • Let the car just sit for about five minutes while not leading the negative lead touch any metal or metal surfaces. 
  • Hold down the brake pedal for a little over 20 seconds. 
  • Reconnect the negative battery lead and close the hood –the ECU should be reset. 

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