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How do You Report Your Car as Stolen Online?

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Answered On Dec 15, 2022

· Answered On Dec 15, 2022

The first thing to do when you find that your car has been stolen is report it to the police. So in an online setting, you should head to your local police department’s website and see if you are able to file a report online. 

It’s common for police stations to have a report filing system on their website. If no such feature can be found, then you would have to call in directly. Other things you should do in the event of a stolen car are:

  • Notifying your car insurance provider
  • Contact the lender or lessor if the car is on a payment plan 
  • File a report with your state’s DMV 

It’s best to do all this the instant you know that your car has been stolen. The sooner this is all completed, the better it will work out, and the less money you will end up losing.  

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