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How do I Make Paul Walker’s Car in GTA V?

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Answered On Jan 11, 2023

· Answered On Jan 11, 2023

The in-game equivalent to Paul Walker’s Nissan Skyline is the Elegy Retro Custom in GTA V. The Benny’s Original Motorworks location should have the vehicle for sale for $904,000. From there, it’s a matter of buying the correct mods and custom features to really get the appearance down. These mods are:

  • Painted extended splitter for the front bumper. 
  • Wide angular rear fenders. 
  • Chrome tip exhaust.
  • Racing dash and stripped interior diodes. 
  • Dash gauges and pod tacho for dials. 
  • Racing blue for the interior trim color.
  • Painted track seats. 
  • Apex club man steering wheel. 
  • Ultra blue light color. 
  • Street half-cage roll cage. 
  • Midnight racer livery. 
  • Primary and secondary colors of brushed aluminum. 
  • Trim color of ultra blue. 
  • Extreme downforce BGW spoiler. 
  • Endo v. two wheels. 

This custom job amounts to a pretty hefty sum of in-game currency –definitely over $1 million. You may also have your car’s engine tuned to match its real-life performance. It can make a great getaway vehicle for the harder missions in the game. 

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