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How do I fix a seat belt that's stuck?

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Answered On Dec 30, 2022

· Answered On Dec 30, 2022

A seatbelt can become stuck or locked in when the buckle is obstructed or has something jammed in it. This can usually be small items such as coins. However, there may be other causes, like a tangle or an accidental lock. 

You can deactivate the auto lock mechanism of your belt by moving the latch a little. Sometimes simply straightening it out will solve the problem if it’s caused by a tangle. If no items jamming the mechanism can be seen, then some WD-40 may do the trick if it’s an issue with the metal. 

If any more problems with your seat belt persist, you can always take to a mechanic, and they can take apart the buckle and resemble it. That’s also a pretty effective way to find stuck foreign objects. 

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