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Can The Car Battery Die While I’m Driving?

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Answered On Dec 16, 2022

· Answered On Dec 16, 2022

The short answer is yes, your car battery can die even when you are driving. But the engine won’t cut off instantly. When you stop and turn off the car, it will not turn on again. 

This is because the alternator remains active even when the battery dies. The alternator is what relays the power to the engine. The car will only suddenly stop if both the alternator and the battery stop working. 

Here are some other symptoms of a soon-to-be-dead car battery:

  • Engine has difficulty in lower temperatures 
  • Certain lights inside and outside your car won’t turn on 
  • Engine stalls at least three times
  • Radio signal can’t stay on 
  • Battery terminal has visible corrosion
  • Battery is at least five years old 

Car batteries are relatively easy to replace. If there is a problem with your car itself, then you may have to bring it in to avoid further damage. 

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