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Oil Change Prices: A Complete Guide

Oil changes are a regular part of car ownership. You don’t have to do it as much as refilling your gas tank and may not spend nearly as much, but you should never put off an oil change.

Your car’s engine needs oil to function. If it goes dry, it can be damaged, and as we all know, engines are more expensive to fix than the car. So, it’s all easier to take your car in for an oil change when you need to.

An oil change is done entirely for you by mechanics at service locations. Or, you can even go the DIY route. The burning question on every driver’s mind when it comes to oil changes is how much they cost. This post serves as your tell-all guide to the economy of oil changes.

How Are Oil Changes Priced?

We can tell you right now that the average cost for a standard oil change is around $46 plus labor. But, the long answer to how oil changes are priced is based on the car and its engine.

Several makes and models use similar engines, so automakers don’t completely play a role in the pricing of oil. Some engines have filters that require synthetic oil, which has a different price tag than standard motor oil.

Oil capacity is also determined by how many cylinders your engine has. A four-cylinder car, for example, has a lower oil capacity than an eight-cylinder car.

Here are some cars and their oil capabilities:

  • Kia Soul - A four-cylinder engine that holds 1.6 liters/3.5 quarts of oil.
  • Chevy Volt - A four-cylinder engine that holds 1.4 liters/3.7 quarts of oil.
  • Chevy Silverado - An eight-cylinder engine that holds six liters/6.1 quarts of oil.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan - A six-cylinder engine that holds 3.6 liters/6 quarts of oil.
  • Ford Fusion - A four-cylinder engine that holds 2.5 liters/5.3 quarts of oil.
  • Ford F150 - A six-cylinder engine that holds 3.5 liters/6.1 quarts of oil.
  • Hyundai Elantra - A four-cylinder engine that holds two liters/4.3 quarts of oil.
  • Honda Odyssey - A six-cylinder engine that holds 3.5 liters/4.6 quarts of oil.

What is The Difference Between Standard And Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil can last a little longer than standard oil and is easy on the engine’s filters. But with that premium comes a higher cost, roughly five times more than standard oil. Synthetic oil is also more suitable for harsh driving conditions, so your location can also play a role in whether you use it.

However, the difference in performance is very small. A study showed that engines running for 3000 miles on both types of oil had little difference when it came down to wear and tear.

When it comes down to it, your oil preference is based on how much you want to spend. You’ll still be getting your oil changed after 3000 to 5000 miles. But if you live in an area with inclimate driving conditions, going with more premium, cleaner oil may be in your best interest. You want to keep your car’s engine healthy.

What is The Cost of Motor Oil if You Choose to Change Oil Yourself?

Labor costs are a large part of oil change costs when you go to a service location. While filling up on the quarts of oil can cost around $46 alone, labor costs can add around $30 to the bill.

When you go to such places as Jiffy Lube, they offer your cars more services such as air filter changes, tire pressure checks, and washer fluid refills. Their service fee takes all these services into account.

When you choose to change your car’s oil yourself, motor oil sells anywhere from $4 to $6 per quart. It depends on the brand. Quaker State, for example, sells for $4.99 per quart while Penzoil goes for $5.49 per quart.

These are also the most common motor oil brands among service locations. If the label mentioned that it is high-performance or synthetic, the price would reflect that.

Is Going to Service Locations For an Oil Change Worth it?

Mechanics with a lot of years of expertise usually staff your full-service repair shop. Oil changes, at the very least, are carried out under the watch of seasoned mechanics by certified lube technicians.

Your local lube shop, on the other hand, employs almost all of its staff as merely lube technicians. They are simply performing a procedure handed to them by their employers. They may or may not have worked on your automobile’s engine before.

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