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What is a Good Student Discount?

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Kevely Diaz

Answered On Sep 15, 2023

· Answered On Sep 15, 2023

The good student discount is a reward offered by insurance companies to both high school and college students who maintain a certain grade point average or rank percentile of their class. The Good-student discount is commonly associated with auto insurance, but it may also apply to other insurance policies. 

The rationale behind the student discount is the statistical correlation between academic achievements and responsible behavior, which includes defensive driving. Insurance companies consider students with a good grade point average and academic performance as low-risk clients. Hence, insurance providers offer them this discount towards their premium as a reward for their responsible behavior.

 The eligibility criteria for a good student discount vary depending on the insurance company. Generally, to qualify, students must meet the age requirements (usually under 25), be full-time students, and maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher or rank in the top 20% of their class. Some insurance companies may also consider other academic achievements, such as being on the Dean’s List or Honor Roll.

The student must usually provide proof of their academic achievement or performance, such as a report card or transcript, to the insurance company. The insurance discount is not permanent and must be renewed periodically, typically at the start of each academic year or semester, by providing updated proof of academic performance.

The amount of the Good Student Discount can vary, but it typically ranges from 10% to 25% off the regular insurance premium. This discount can result in significant savings over time, making it a valuable benefit for students and their families.