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Greatest Car Pranks of All Time

It takes a special kind of mischief to look at a friend’s car and say, “wow, that is a great target for a prank.” But it also takes a special kind of creativity to be able to carry one out. However, we have to first make a disclaimer and say that the following is more of a Top 10 list than a how-to guide.

We don’t condone actually doing these pranks. While these pranks don’t increase auto insurance rates or involve anything illegal like vandalism or breaking and entering, we refuse to be responsible for any strained friendships resulting from said pranks. With that in mind, here are America’s funniest car pranks.

Zip Tie on Driveshaft Prank

Tying a zip tie to the rotating driveshaft of the rear wheels creates a noise troubling to an unaware driver. This is mischievous because the noise of the tie wacking the undercarriage sounds like an axel coming loose. This may require the use of a jack to raise the victim’s car. When it comes time to reveal yourself, the zip tie should be easy to remove from the car. The tie is too frail to cause any damage to the car itself too.

Whistling Exhaust Pipe Car Pranks

The exhaust pipe of a car is a playground for pranks because air is constantly being ventilated. Woodwind or horn instruments are a favorite for tricksters to mess with by taping them to the pipe and waiting for the music to start once the victim starts their car. Kazoos and harmonicas are a popular choice as well.

Turn The Car Into a Ball Pit

Yup, just like those play areas at McDonald’s and Chuck E Cheese, you can fill a car with those colorful plastic balls. Just open the sunroof and pour them right in. The clean-up effort will be worth it to see your friend’s reaction when the balls come pouring out after he opens the driver’s door.

Post-It Note Pranks

Turn your friend’s car into your canvas as you create a mosaic with reams of Post-It notes. Create a masterpiece on their window, hood, or even their whole car body with bright neon sticky notes. This is the most harmless of the car pranks on this list since Post-Its easily peel away. The clean-up, if you did the whole car, is the proving ground. It’s best not to do this one on a windy day.

Exhaust Pipe Balloon

Remember how the exhaust pipe is a constant source of ventilated air? Attaching a big balloon to it can have some hilarious results when your friends get out only to be greeted by a huge blown-up balloon at the back of their car. If the balloon pops, then more power to you. Cars typically have a failsafe for built-up exhaust with the engine shutting off, so it’s no real danger. But like all the other pranks in this post, we can’t recommend it.

Snowing in a Car

While the clean-up is cold, snowing in cars is the hottest thing when winter comes around. Pile it on your friend’s car and turn it into an igloo or inconspicuous mound. While you don’t want to do this when your friend has to drive to work, it’s fun and good-humored when they make weekend plans and have to be somewhere. If you’re a true villain, you can put all the snow inside the car rather than outside. Just make sure it’s clean and white -no yellow snow.

Plastic Wrapping a Car

This is another simple car prank with a major clean-up effort. It all depends on how many rolls of saran wrap you use to wrap your friend’s car like a see-through present on Christmas morning. Wrap it over and under the car body, sealing all the doors. The worst part about the plastic wrap is trying to figure out where it starts and ends. If you really want to go the distance, then actually wrap your friend’s car like a present with wrapping paper. At least that will be fun for them to see. But the clean-up remains the same either way.

Fun With Duct Tape

Enough duct tape will actually hold a car in place or slow it down significantly. If your friend is fond of parking spots close to lamposts, then you have the best opportunity to tape their car to something like that post.

Car Horn Switch

We’ve seen those videos of those tricksters that replaced their car’s horn with that of a train. In the hands of an aware driver, a car with a train horn can be a fun toy for spooking people. But this can be a little risky as other drivers on the road can be taken by surprise. It’s better if you fit your own car with one. There is no law against horns on cars.

Fun With Toy Cars

A really fun and harmless prank for when you have access to your friend’s car is to move it from its usual parking spot and replace it with a LEGO or toy replica. If your friend is an Ant-Man fan, then they will appreciate it. All the while, you’re keeping their car safe and out of sight.

Sleep Passenger Pranks

When someone falls asleep in the car while you are driving, then they are at your mercy. When bored on a long road trip, some drivers will often scream or tap the break to wake up their passenger(s). As expected, they wake up shrieking until they realize that the car is still upright and everything is fine.

Parking Spot Switcharoo

Suppose you have access to your friend’s car while they are running an errand or at work. You can have some fun with their parked car by moving it to another spot. It seems like low-bearing fruit, but after a day of work, your friend will be in no mood for games.

Braking The Horn

We all know that driver who brakes too much or abruptly. To teach them a lesson, you can wire the car horn to the brake system so every time they press down on the pedal, the horn sounds.

Parking Sideways in a Garage

If you have the parking skills, you can park your friend’s car sideways in the garage. Not only does it look just plain wrong, but your friend may not be able to move it: the smaller your friend’s car, the better.

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