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Do You Have Good Etiquette When Driving?

Do You Have Good Etiquette When Driving

Driving can be chaotic; that’s why there are so many traffic laws in place. It’s also why drivers have several unspoken etiquette and rules they practice. Giving pedestrians the right of way, not doing rolling stops at stop signs, and using blinkers regularly to indicate lane changes are a couple of examples of the standards drivers hold themselves to. Not doing these can come off as rude and even be dangerous to others. In fact, you may have already encountered such a driver.

What Are Some Examples of Bad Road Manners?

The worst is having a driver tailgate you in traffic while moving between lanes without a blinker. Several other drivers are cut off in the process, and some may even abruptly break, which is a chain reaction waiting to happen. This may not come as a surprise, but a common cause of accidents is failure to use turn signals. As drivers, we’ve all come to expect it. But there are still some drivers that don’t utilize their signals when they should.

More About Not Using Turn Signals

A study showed that nearly 50% of drivers do not use their turn signals. This results in over one million accidents each year. However, it’s fully avoidable, and any driver can follow turn signal etiquette. It’s not like switching your blinker on is a complex task. Most cars are designed so they can be turned on while in motion.

You can make good road manners commonplace if you also do the following:

  • Merge and drive in the correct lanes - Another courtesy of the road is using the proper lanes on an expressway. Usually, the left-most lane is the express lane where high speeds are maintained, while the right-most one is for slower traffic like trucks. The middle lane(s) go at a regular pace, assuming traffic doesn’t cause everything to slow down. You should always want to merge when you have at least two car lengths free in the desired lane, and make sure to use your turn signals.
  • Pass on the left - Passing a driver slower than you should be done through the left lane. This is another generally accepted etiquette of driving. If you can’t, you may pass on the right, but you should be cautious as drivers are moving faster there.
  • Always use signals when making turns - The most common place for accidents to occur is intersections. It’s mostly right turns because there are some that don’t require greenlights. Greenlight or not, your signal should always be when turning at an intersection.

Did You Know Car Insurance Companies Look at Road Manners?

There are states that write up drivers with failure-to-signal tickets. Since it’s a traffic violation, your auto insurance provider will find out and increase your premiums. More so, if you were involved in an accident that you caused because you didn’t use your signal or you cut someone off, your claim could be denied altogether. It goes a much longer (and cheaper) way to have good driving manners and use your blinker accordingly.

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