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The Best Car Subscription Services

Another way to regularly drive, aside from buying or leasing a car, is to join a car subscription service. You can pay a monthly subscription fee and be able to drive a selection of the subscription services’ vehicles.

These vehicles depend on the subscription service, as we will go over in this post. As of today, car subscription services are still a developing industry and have yet to break into the mainstream as a form of vehicle ownership. Subscription service fees are just as expensive as a car insurance policy, costing anywhere from $400 to $3,000.

How do Car Subscription Services Work?

Car subscription services are different from leasing a car. When leasing, you sign a lease paying for a car for a period of time or when it reaches a certain mileage. Subscription services work on a monthly basis rather than annually.

During this month, you get a car to drive along with car insurance. That’s right, all for one monthly fee, you are able to get both a car to drive and insurance to do so legally. The car insurance also includes roadside assistance and maintenance coverage.

Every month when you pay your subscription, you are able to choose from a new car or continue driving the one you already have. You can also cancel the service anytime you want. So, that raises the question: which car subscription service is the best? Let’s look at a couple of the major names in the car subscription industry.

BMW Access

BMW’s car subscription service gives you access to their luxury vehicles. BMW Access offers three tiers of subscription:

  • Icon tier - Subscription fees for BMW’s icon tier are around $1,099 a month. Subscribers of this tier are entitled to several of BMW’s sedan models, including the 330i and 330e hybrid. The M240i convertible is also available along with the X2 and X3 SUVs. Cars of this tier tend to be small to mid-sized.
  • Legend tier - Subscription fees for BMW’s legend tier are around $1,339 monthly. Here, subscribers have access to the larger vehicles of BMW’s catalog. This includes cars like the 5 Series, X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid, and the M2 coupe.
  • BMW M tier - The M tier, for short, is where subscribers have access to BMW’s more luxurious makes and models. This includes cars like the M4 (convertible), M6 (convertible), and M5 (sedan). The X5M and X6M SUVs are also available. The monthly fee for this tier is around $2,699.

Porsche Passport

Several drivers in the Atlanta area utilize Porsche’s car subscription in order to drive with a colorful selection of cars. Porsche Passport offers two tiers of subscription:

  • Launch tier - In addition to the one-time $500 joining fee, the launch tier costs $2,000 a month. Subscribers have access to Porsche’s S models and up to eight cars.
  • Accelerate tier - There is also a $500 joining fee for the accelerate tier. Subscribers have access to all the previous cars mentioned in the launch tier, along with up to 22 cars. The monthly subscription for the accelerate tier is around $3,000.

BOOK by Cadillac

Cadillac’s BOOK subscription service offers a single all-inclusive plan to their subscribers that offer usage of their many luxury vehicles. This plan costs a monthly $1,800 with a $500 one-time joining fee. The cars included in the plan are the CT6, Escalade, XT5, ATS-V, and CTS-V. You’ll also have the option to change your car 18 times a year.

Care by Volvo

Volvo’s car subscription service combines elements of a car lease and a subscription. You pay $600 a month for access to a Volvo XC40 for a set period of time -usually two years. Care also has an app that subscribers can use with a concierge service. If you stick to the service, then you will be able to upgrade to another Volvo free of charge.

Mercedes-Benz Collection

Mercedes-Benz offers two tiers for people interested in subscribing to their car service. These tiers include no limits to how much mileage you put on the car and any swaps you’d like to do while subscribed.

Here are the Mercedes-Benz tiers of subscriptions:

  • Reserve tier - The reserve tier costs $1,595 per month and includes Mercedes-Benz cars like the C43 AMG, E400 wagon, and GLE350 SUV.
  • Premier tier - The premier tier costs $2,995 per month and includes Mercedes-Benz cars like the C63 S sedan, G550 SUV, and SL550 Roadster.

Canvas by Ford

Canvas is Ford’s car subscription service that gives you more freedom with the ability to choose your subscription length and car mileage. Their subscription fees may decrease the longer you are a subscriber. Maintenance, warranty, and insurance are all included with the cars. Canvas has two tiers of subscription:

  • Ford subcompact - For around $379 a month, you have access to several of Ford’s compact vehicles.
  • Lincoln SUVs - For around $1,125 a month, you will be able to drive Lincoln’s selection of luxury SUVs.

Fair by Uber

Like Uber, Fair is a service done completely by app. There are no long-term obligations or mileage limits, and you can choose to return the car when you want. Their subscription costs are lower, but that’s because insurance is an option. Depending on the car you want, Fair can cost $190 to $705 monthly.

Flexdrive by Lyft

Lyft’s car subscription service lives up to its name by offering a custom payment schedule and no credit score check before subscribing. Flexdrive’s subscriptions range from about $400 to $1,000 a month. As of now, Flexdrive is only available in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey.

Less Plan

Based in San Francisco and only available there, Less Plan works like a lease on your car, except you are allowed to change vehicles and make more major changes while it is active. The first 12,000 miles in a year are free, but every mile after that costs 25 cents. This is one of the cheapest options, with a $399 annual membership fee.


Based in L.A., Borrow Plan is a unique car subscription service because they offer electric cars. Unfortunately, insurance is not included with the service. There are two tiers for Borrow Plan:

  • City tier - Costs $499 each month for a three-month subscription and $399 a month for a nine-month subscription. Cars available include the Fiat 500e and Nissan Leaf.
  • Premium tier - Costs $624 each month for a three-month subscription and $524 for a nine-month subscription. Cars available include the BMW i3 and Volkswagen eGolf.


Carma is the prime car subscription service for Midwest cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Columbus. They offer monthly plans based on mileage which gives you access to their sedans and SUVs. Their monthly plans include:

  • 500 miles - Costs $499 a month, and every mile after 500 costs 40 cents.
  • 800 miles - Costs $549 a month, and every mile after 800 costs 40 cents.
  • 1200 miles - Costs $599 a month, and every mile after 1200 costs 40 cents.

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