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What is The Dodge Challenger Hellcat’s 0-60 Time?

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Answered On Dec 16, 2022

· Answered On Dec 16, 2022

The only thing faster than a Dodge Challenger Hellcat’s speed is its acceleration. The 0-60 time is used to measure how quickly it takes cars such as this to fully accelerate to 60 mph. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat’s 0-60 time is around 3.4 seconds. 

The Hellcat is one of the speediest cars on the market with its 6-liter engine with 717 horsepower. What makes a car go that fast and accelerate that much? The following is what makes them so speedy:

  • The powertrain or drivetrain is what delivers the power of inertia to the wheels and the engine. The greater the drivetrain then, the faster the car will travel. 
  • A vehicle’s weight plays into how fast it can go and accelerate. 
  • Aerodynamics is the cornerstone of speed and why smaller cars are often faster than larger ones. 

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