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Does Driving School Lower Insurance?

Does driving school lower insurance

It’s never too late to go back to school, even if it’s driving school. In fact, if you pass, only good can come from it. You’ll graduate with more driving knowledge and even a discount on your car insurance. While it may not be substantial, driving school does lower insurance costs. This isn’t just the case for any driver. Even teen drivers required to go through driving school can earn up to 5% off on their car insurance after completing such a course. Think about how much new drivers have to pay for car insurance; that is a pretty good deal.

Where Can You Find Driving Schools?

Certified driving schools can be both public and private and found all over the country. Many are first exposed to driving school when they receive a learner’s permit or turn 15. Some schools even include it in their curriculum. Older drivers are still able to enroll in driving courses if their license hasn’t been active in a while or they are getting one for the first time. There is no age limit for anyone in driver’s ed unless they are unable to operate a car safely. All driving schools give out certifications upon completion that can be shown to insurance providers. From there, the driver will get a car insurance discount.

Do All Car Insurance Companies Offer Driving School Discounts?

Not every car insurance company gives out driving school discounts. However, the most well know national providers and a handful of local ones are in the discount loop. You can always check with your insurance provider before enrolling in a driving school to make sure that they have that discount. Even without the discount, the things you will learn about driving in the course can help you steer clear of claims and accidents and ultimately keep your insurance rates low. Keep in mind that state-sponsored driving schools are more likely to present a discount with more insurance companies than private ones would.

Who Benefits The Most From a Driving School Insurance Discount?

By now, you already inferred that if you or a teen driver of yours enrolled in driving school, you’d be given an insurance discount and safer driving knowledge. But did you know entire families on one policy can also benefit from a course completion as well? Some insurance companies extend the discount the main policyholders earn to the riders. This is especially the case for parents and their families. Families with several younger drivers can especially benefit from this, and it shows the insurance company that your family has good driving values.

The Benefits of Driving School go Beyond Insurance Discounts

If the insurance discount is the only thing on your mind when it comes to driving school, then you are missing the big picture. There are proven statistics that drivers, young and old, that have completed a driving course are less likely to cause or be involved in a car accident. Driving skills is the knowledge that will last a lifetime and pathway to the safe driving discount. The lowest car insurance rates are those of safe drivers, and the driving school has given you the tools to do so.

What Are The Best Driving Schools to Enroll in?

Driving schools don’t do a lot of advertising, and not too many have identifying branding and competition. They all have the same objective dealing in the same field, so it can be a little hard to pick out which one is the best based on cost, scheduling, and course material. You will know you found a good driving school if it is:

  • Licensed by the state - These certifications upon completion can be brought to the DMV directly and are more prone to discounts since the state technically approved it.
  • Affordable - Driving schools to charge different costs per hour or per lesson. These costs tend to range from $30 to $180. You can do some comparing to find the most affordable to you but pay attention to their reviews.
  • Convenient - The best driving courses fit into your schedule, which is what a lot of people look for. Younger drivers prefer to take their driving courses after school as opposed to the weekends, for example. This is really more of a preference than a qualification.
  • Cars are provided - Depending on your case; you may want to enroll in a driving school that provides their own practice vehicle for when it comes time to do some field learning. For teens still waiting on cars of their own, this would be ideal.
  • Course length - You don’t want to be in driving school for more than you should. The average time it takes to complete a driving course is two weeks to two months. Again, this is another preference as opposed to qualification.

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