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How to Get an Anti Theft Discount

How to Get an Anti Theft Discount

It seems too good to be true that car insurance companies will give you a discount on your premiums for simply having certain safety features on your car –especially of the anti-theft kind. Car insurance companies have to provide big payouts for stolen cars, so having these devices installed on your car can be a sign of good faith which is why they often cut discounts on them. Going into this post, there are some different types of anti-theft devices and varying discounts that come with them. If your insurance rates are high due to your zipcode’s crime rates, then anti-theft discounts can go a long way.

How do Anti Theft Discounts Work?

Anti-theft discounts are given on a fixed percentage that is deducted from your rates for specific coverage. Because of this, there may be limitations to the kind of insurance that anti-thefts discounts will be applied to. Anti-theft discounts can go up to $26, so it’s not a monumental discount. But if you’re in a case where every little bit helps, then anti-theft discounts can only be a benefit. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get it, and your car ends up with an anti-theft device that makes it several times more unlikely to be stolen.

What Are The Different Car Anti-Theft Devices?

You don’t have to be an automotive or security expert to understand the different types of anti-theft devices and the insurance discounts that come with them, respectively. Anti-theft devices shouldn’t just be installed for the sake of car insurance discounts. You should look at the installation and how it can affect your car. While most anti-theft devices don’t harm cars they are installed on; you don’t want to be stuck with unnecessary equipment if you live in a low-theft area. The following sections look at the different anti-theft devices and their discount size.

Passive Alarm Anti Theft Discount

Nowadays, all cars are fitted with passive alarms, but specialized ones that can’t be disabled can be installed. Passive alarms are those that are active when you cut your car’s engine, lock it, then walk away. Discounts for passive alarms are larger than the ones for alarms that require activation.

Active Alarm Anti Theft Discount

This is a cheaper anti-theft device than a passive alarm because an active alarm doesn’t require that great of technical integration. You are given a button that actively arms the alarm whenever you leave the car. The insurance discount, however, is smaller than a passive alarm one because you can forget to set the alarm since its activation depends on you.

Sound Only Alarm Anti Theft Discount

This is another subcategory of anti-theft devices. While you choose between a passive or active alarm, you’ll also need to choose what you want the alarm to do once it’s activated. One of the two options is a typical alarm blare. It’s a mostly reliable deterrent, but the insurance discounts are less than the alternative.

Engine Cut Alarm Anti Theft Discount

Of course, the most effective way of making your car easy to steal is to make it not work for thieves. Alarms that cut the engine off after a break-in is detected. There may also be an accompanying alarm with some devices. Discounts for an engine cutting alarm are greater than simple blaring ones.

Tracking System Anti Theft Discount

While it doesn’t necessarily deter theft, a tracking, and recovery system in your car can easily locate it after it has been stolen. This is one of the largest anti-theft discounts you can get from an insurance provider. Tracking and recovery systems are usually subscription-based.

How Much Can These Discounts Save You on Insurance?

As previously mentioned, the maximum an anti-theft device discount can provide is around $26. That averages to around 15% to 20% off. It’s different for each insurance provider and anti-theft device. The most common type of car insurance that anti-theft devices attribute their discounts to is comprehensive insurance. So, the question is up for debate as to whether drivers with basic liability insurance only will get an anti-theft discount.

Are Car Alarms That Come Standard Any Good?

The good news is that car insurance providers may take the alarm your car comes with into account when underwriting your premiums. It isn’t uncommon for drivers to have them swapped out for aftermarket ones that qualify for anti-theft discounts all the same. Again, 99% of car insurance providers give anti-theft discounts. Inquire with your insurance agent today to see how much you qualify for.

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