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What is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

What is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

Your car insurance policy number is how your auto insurance provider keeps track of your auto insurance account and vehicle insurance plan.

Your auto insurance policy number is typically given on the auto insurance card you received when you first bought car insurance coverage.

The following post is the guide-to-everything about car insurance policy numbers. Even if you lost your auto insurance number and just wanted to know where to find it, strengthening your knowledge of car insurance policy numbers never hurts.

What is a Car Insurance Policy Number?

A car insurance policy number is assigned to you when your auto insurance policy becomes active for the first time, usually after you purchase from an auto insurance company agent.

These car insurance numbers can be anywhere from eight to 13 characters -typically no letters. Car insurance providers may issue auto insurance policy numbers differently, but they are always used in the same manner.

Think of how a bank has account numbers for all its members; insurance policy numbers function the same way. This goes for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance. For the intensive purpose of this post, we’ll focus mainly on auto insurance.

Let’s say you’ve just bought auto insurance and were given an auto insurance policy number.

Your auto insurance policy number could look one of four ways depending on the car insurance company:

  • 123456789
  • 12345678-9
  • 1 23 456789 01
  • 123 4567-A89
  • CAR 123456789

All these auto insurance policy numbers function the same way; the only difference is the format.

Where is Your Car Insurance Policy Number Located?

Your car insurance policy number is on the car insurance card you were given by your auto insurance company. This is the car insurance card you would keep in the glove compartment of your vehicle and present to a police officer who pulls you over - but more on that later. Your auto insurance policy number will have a presence on a number of forms and pieces of mail your auto insurance provider sends to you.

You’ll find your auto insurance policy number on:

  • Your auto insurance card.
  • Car insurance monthly statements received by mail.
  • Auto insurance policy declaration page.
  • Car insurance company’s website or app.

What Happens if I Lose My Auto Insurance Card?

It’s not uncommon for someone to lose track of their automobile insurance card. Car insurance companies experience this with both auto and health insurance cards and are prepared to mail out replacement auto insurance cards.

In the meantime, your car insurance company will email or send you a link to a downloadable temporary car insurance card for you to print out.

Even if you do know your auto insurance policy number but lack your car insurance card, you should always pursue a new one as it’s your primary proof of auto insurance should you need medical attention or be pulled over by the police. This should also be done if you find that the information on your auto insurance card is incorrect and must be updated by your car insurance company.

Digital car insurance cards are becoming more popular and are an acceptable form of proof of car insurance. Even so, having a physical copy of your car insurance card on hand is always a good idea.

When Would I Need My Auto Insurance Policy Number?

In addition to being registered with your car insurance provider, your car insurance policy number and car insurance card are necessary in proving that you carry auto insurance coverage. When you see a doctor, for example, you may have to provide your health insurance card and policy number.

Cases when you need to show your auto insurance card and auto insurance policy number are:

  • After a car collision - Following an auto accident with another driver, you’ll exchange car insurance information. This is especially important because you will file your car insurance claim through their auto insurance company, so you’ll need their car insurance policy number to do so. If police are on the scene, providing them with your car insurance information can help make the police report more tangible.
  • Pulled over by police officer - In addition to your license and registration, you’ll also have to provide your auto insurance information to the officer. 48 out of 50 states operate with mandatory auto insurance liability coverage that every driver must carry while driving their vehicle. The officer uses this information to make sure you are driving legally.
  • Contacting your car insurance company - Your car insurance company will regularly ask for your car insurance policy number when you are contacting them for account-related reasons such as adjusting the car insurance policy. Like how a credit card provider will ask you for your credit card number, your car insurance company uses the car insurance policy number to keep track of your account. Your social security number may also be required.

How Many Numbers Does a Car Insurance Policy Have For Multiple Cars?

Let’s talk about the more technical aspects of car insurance policy numbers. If your auto policy covers more than one vehicle, there are actually a couple of ways a car insurance card will show this.

You may have all your vehicles listed on one car insurance card; thus, all are represented by the same car insurance policy number. Or, you could be given different vehicle insurance cards for each car. In that case, the vehicle insurance policy number is the same for all of them but has the addition of a numeral at the end.

An example would be if you owned three cars and your auto insurance policy number is 12345678. Your first car would have the number 12345678-1; your second would be 12345678-2, and so on.

What Other Information Does My Car Insurance Card Have?

Your car insurance card will naturally include personal information such as an address, insurance agent, and phone number. Information on the insured vehicle is also given, listing its year, make, model, and VIN (vehicle identification number). This is your vehicle’s registration number which uniquely identifies it, like how a criminal record identifies a person. The VIN is typically 17 characters long.

When Would I Need Someone Else’s Insurance Policy Number?

As previously discussed, there is an exchange of car insurance information that happens between drivers after an accident.

This is the proper etiquette after getting into an auto accident, regardless of who caused it. Rather than giving your vehicle insurance card to another person, it’s best to just take pictures of them on your phone. The whole car insurance card, including the auto insurance policy number, VIN, and policyholder’s name, should be visible.

From there, you can begin the auto insurance claims process with their car insurance company. If you didn’t get their information or forgot, you can always contact them or look at the police report for missed details.

Where Can I Find The Best Auto Insurance Quotes?

When it comes to auto insurance coverage, you don’t want to be underinsured or uninsured. Not only is it against the law in most states, but it can leave you financially responsible for medical and damage costs resulting from an auto accident.

Just because it’s the law doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. You can find the best rates on auto insurance policies by pulling auto insurance quotes from all across the board -national and local names you’ve heard of or perhaps came across online for the first time.

Let’s close out this piece with one more word of advice about car insurance cards for new policyholders. If you were to buy auto insurance and haven’t received your vehicle insurance card yet, you could opt for a temporary printout that includes your car insurance policy number, VIN, and all the necessary information you will need to drive insured.

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