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Don’t Make these Mistakes with an Auto Insurance Claim

Mistakes with an Auto Insurance Claim

Auto insurance claims are a process, so that means there is an etiquette you must follow. It’s a matter of time and know-how. You want your claim to be mistake-free, so you can receive the right payout in an adequate amount of time. Some mistakes can seem small, but they’ll become big problems later in the insurance claim process.

When filing a car insurance claim, you should never:

  • Claim fault of the accident - The driver who was at fault for the accident is determined by the insurance companies and not the drivers involved. Admitting fault can also nullify your claim altogether.
  • Not document the damage with pictures or videos - When it’s safe, you should always document the accident with pictures or videos using your cell phone. Make sure the damage, location, and cars involved are all well documented. This can help your claim get processed quicker.
  • Not contacting the police - Even when it’s minor, you should always report the accident to the police. Insurance providers will usually assume fraud if there is no police report they can reference.
  • Forego exchanging information - You should always exchange information with the other driver(s) involved. Collect their insurance policy number, car registration info, and personal contact info. Commonly missed details are passengers present during the accident. Yes, they are equally as important as the driver. This information is typically included in the claim when it’s first filed.
  • Forgoing medical services - Some injuries sustained in a car accident may not present themselves until after the accident. Even if it seems minor, you should get medical help and include the cost of any services rendered in your initial claim.
  • Not inform your insurance provider - Again, even with minor damage, you should keep your auto insurance provider in the loop about any accidents. You never want to be on the line for repairs and medical services down the line.

Be wary of these pitfalls when confronted with a situation where you will need to file a claim. It’s an overall easy process as the insurance companies handle the majority of the disputes. That’s why it’s so important to do everything right with them.

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