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Can You Insure a Car Without a Title?

If your name isn’t on the car’s title because you’re not the owner, then yes. But even then, terms apply. If you have your car’s title, then it will play a role in getting car insurance, on the other hand. So, it all comes down to ownership of the vehicle and who has the title. Car insurance companies look at car titles not to determine ownership but if you have a financial interest in the car, thus making it insurable. If you are able to prove this to them, then they will underwrite you an insurance policy. It just happens that the most effective way of doing this is with the car’s title. So yes, you can insure a car without a title –but conditions apply.

What is a Car Title?

The main point of a car title is to illegally distinguish the owner of the car. The title is required whenever you are selling or exchanging your car so it can be updated with the new owner. Nowadays, you may see electronic car titles. Information that must be kept up to date on a car title is the owner and odometer reading. The VIN and car weight class should be listed consistently. Getting a car title requires a visit to your state’s DMV with application information and paying the title fee, which ranges from $5 to $150.

Can You Get Car Insurance Before You Get Your Car Title?

You don’t have to be the owner of a car in order to get it insured. Just ask drivers who lease or finance their cars. The titles aren’t in their names, but the insurance policy is. A lot of times, car insurance is required before these cars enter their car. The case is the same for cars you are buying –you will typically not be able to take them off the lot without insurance. The title will come later as the insurance provider will require you to show it within the next month. Without your title, it’s a matter of proving to the insurance provider that you have an insurable interest or financial stake in the car.

Can You Have a Driver’s License And Not be on The Car’s Title?

The short answer is yes, and insurance companies have just the policy –nonowner’s car insurance. The same similarly goes for drivers that are financing or leasing their vehicles. Sometimes a leasing or financing company may require you to get car insurance ahead of time. With a leasing or financing document, it is relatively easy to prove that you have an insurable risk in the car.

A nonowner policy would have all the same liability coverages as a standard one. They can be shopped for and quoted no differently, too. You’ll also be able to adjust your coverage amounts and have your rates based on mileage if you don’t drive that car that much. You don’t own it, after all. The point is when you are a nonowner driver, you can get just as much protection for lower premiums if you do enough digging.

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