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What Damaging Public Property Will Cost You

What damaging public property will cost you

You can’t exactly control where your car is pushed if it is hit or swerves if the road is icy, so what if there is collateral damage beyond the vehicles involved? Getting into a car accident in an urban area can mean some of the city’s property will get damaged. It’s not a matter of simply paying the damages and being done with it. The cost of labor also ties into the amount you owe. Cities take notice and crackdown on accidental property damage to make sure whoever was at fault pays their dues.

The good news is that your auto insurance can have property damage included. Most states have laws mandating that drivers carry property damage coverage in some form to cover the damages to another driver’s car in an accident. There is a standard practice for property damage wherein the city will send the at-fault driver bills for repairs, labor, and engineering costs. Drivers may give them their insurance information and file a claim. While most states require you to carry $5,000 to $10,000 in property damage coverage on your auto policy, property damage claims can actually reach up to $100,000 especially if city property is involved, so it helps to carry far more.

Here are the different public properties and how much it costs to replace or fix:

  • Traffic signals - Damage to traffic signs and lights can cost on average $3,000. Overhead, traffic sign damage can cost up to $100,000.
  • Hydrants - A fire hydrant alone may cost you $1,000 to fix, and that’s not including the wasted water the city will charge you for.
  • Roadside signs - Signs like a stop sign can cost up to $500. The bulk of this cost comes from labor.
  • Parking meters - This would cost around $700 to replace a parking meter
  • Road guard rails - Guard rails can cost nearly $900 because of the labor involved in fixing and replacing them.
  • Mailboxes - Postal Service boxes cost around $750 to repair.
  • Concrete road barriers - The total cost depends on how much of the barrier you damaged. A linear foot can cost anywhere from $40 to $130 depending on the state.

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