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Vehicle Registration & Emissions Test Date Changes

Illinois officially added vehicle registration to the list of dates extended due to COVID-19. Since the virus is so highly contagious, DMV and vehicle emission test sites have been shut down beginning back on March 17th of this year. Unfortunately, there is still no date for them to reopen, which means people cannot register their vehicles, among other things. Luckily, the Secretary of State’s office has put out an extension of 90 days from the time facilities open. This post will go over details regarding the extension and vehicle registration costs.

Vehicle Registration Extension

As a bit of relief in uncertain times, the Secretary of State’s Office has extended vehicle registration dates. Illinoisans have 90 days from when facilities reopen to register their vehicle. If you do not need an emissions test this year, you can still register your vehicle online. Additionally, registration fees have increased for all plate types by $50 from last year’s cost. A sticker for plate renewal costs $151, with personalized plate sticker costing $158, and vanity plates costing $164.

Emissions Test

Some Illinois residents need an emissions test done before they can register their vehicle. Similarly to the vehicle registration extension, once emissions test sites open, Illinoisans have 90 days to get it done.

Before taking your car in for an emissions test, make sure you drive it for about 15 minutes to warm it up. Sometimes a vehicle will fail or not be ready to test simply because it is not warmed up.

Additionally, testers may reject your for a number of reasons, including the condition of the vehicle. If you repair your vehicle prior to testing, drive it to an auto retailer to see if they have free diagnostic analysis.

The diagnostic analysis will give you an idea on whether you vehicle is ready for it’s emissions test. Another helpful practice you can do before an emissions test, especially after a repair, is driving your. Driving your vehicle prior to taking it in gives yourself a better chance of it passing the emissions test. You can see a list of reasons a car may fail an emissions test here, along with support on how to resolve issues with testing.

Driver’s License, REAL ID & More

Outside of plate stickers and emissions tests, other important driver documentation remains on hold. As many Illinoisans know, in order to travel via airplane people will eventually need to have the REAL ID. The only way to get a REAL ID in Illinois is to head into a DMV or other authorized facility. But with those facilities closed, Illinois has extended the deadline to update your ID to October 1st, 2021. Along with REAL IDs, the Sec. of State’s Office has extended driver’s license, State ID cards, and other document filings by 90 days. As with vehicle registration, licenses and IDs extension date begins when facilities reopen.


The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has extended dates for vehicle registration, emissions testing, and more by at least 90 days from when facilities open. The cost to register your vehicles has increased by $50. A sticker for plate renewal is now $151, personalized plate sticker is now $158, and vanity plates  stickers are $164. Additionally, the new deadline for the REAL ID is October 1st, 2021. In other words, Illinois residents can travel via airplane with their current ID until October 1st, 2021. Expiring Drivers license, State ID’s and other document fillings have been extended by at least 90 days from when facilities open.

Editor’s Note:

As of 05/27/2020, driving facilities remain closed, however, they will be opening on June 1st and/or 2nd of 2020. Emissions Testing facilities have no set date to open yet, although they may be following up after driver service facilities.

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