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What is Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage?

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Kevely Diaz

Answered On Sep 12, 2023

· Answered On Sep 12, 2023

Comprehensive physical damage coverage, or comprehensive coverage, is a type of insurance policy that provides protection against damages to your vehicle not caused by a collision. Comprehensive coverage is usually an optional insurance policy provided by the insurance company; however, it can be required if the vehicle is a lease or in a financial agreement. 

A comprehensive insurance claim covers a variety of different physical damages such as a broken windshield or windshield wipers, falling objects (like tree limbs), fire, auto theft, vandalism, natural disasters (like hurricanes or damage from hailstorms), explosions, or encounters with wildlife, commonly deer. It also covers civil disturbances such as riots. 

It is important to note that comprehensive insurance comes with a deductible you must pay out of pocket before your insurance policy covers the rest. You can often choose the amount of your comprehensive deductible, but a lower deductible typically means higher auto insurance premiums.

Additionally, it is essential to understand that comprehensive coverage is not collision coverage since it won’t cover damages resulting from a collision (like crashing with a telephone pole), an auto accident, or poor maintenance. It’s also worth noting that comprehensive coverage will only cover up to the actual cash value of your vehicle, which is its value minus depreciation.

In summary, Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage is a type of auto insurance coverage that protects against various risks that can cause damage to your vehicle other than a collision. It’s an optional coverage that can give you peace of mind, knowing you’re protected against many unexpected incidents.