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Is Car Window Etching Effective As Anti-Theft Protection?

Is Car Window Etching Effective As Theft Protection

When it comes to basic vehicle insurance, having it isn’t enough if you’ve finally found the automobile of your dreams or just bought your first automobile. To keep your car in your driveway and safe, a variety of security measures are taken, including VIN etching on the car windows and other glass.

If you have your vehicle windows etched, you may get a reduction in automobile insurance premiums for the rest of the car’s life.

What is Etching Your Car Window?

The term “etching” refers to the process of removing the vehicle’s original paint and applying a scratch-resistant clear coat. You can do the car window etching yourself or have your auto glass etched by the vehicle dealer.

Each automobile has its own VIN number, which is etched on the windshield, glass, or another piece of glass. It also indicates that if any of the glass is damaged or removed, your vehicle may still be tracked and identified by the police. Automotive thieves have a harder time making money by cutting a car or stealing just the vehicle windows or windshield.

When you first apply for a car insurance quotation, most of the top vehicle insurance providers want to know if you’ve etched your car windows, as well as other typical theft deterrents.

Is Car Window Etching Effective As Anti-Theft Protection?

VIN etching is one of the most apparent types of vehicle security defense. It’s why auto insurance companies urge you to etch the glass on your automobile.

Car thieves are frequently seen examining your car next to or tying their shoes beside your vehicle doors while pretending to do so. If they see obvious and long-lasting etching on all of the glass of your car, they’ll be more likely to believe you’re serious about catching them in action.

Glass etching is more of a psychological anti-theft deterrent than anything else; nevertheless, it works.

Does Glass Etching Cause Changes in Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

You may expect a 15% reduction on your next car insurance policy period and any future auto insurance renewals after you’ve etched your automobile’s windows and windshield and informed your vehicle insurance provider.

If you don’t want to take the car insurance company’s offer of an auto insurance reduction, comparing one vehicle insurance firm’s price against another may be an alternative.

What Other Car Theft Deterrents Are There?

You’ll need more safety features if you want to get the best automobile insurance rate reduction.

GPS tracking systems, etched components under the hood, anti-theft devices, and sophisticated alarm systems all aid in lowering your car insurance rates. Car safety gadgets never fail to impress your auto insurer and help you save money on your car insurance premiums.

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