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Best Car Theft Deterrent Systems

In 2019, 721,885 cars were stolen, resulting in a loss of $6.4 billion to motor vehicle robberies. Despite the worrisome figures from the FBI reports, which indicate that car thefts have been declining for the past 26 years, it also shows that they have decreased by 70% since 1991. There are a number of tools and technology available to help you avoid automobile theft, in addition to following fundamental safety measures such as locking doors and parking in well-lit areas.

Physical Deterrents

The more time a thief spends looking for an opportunity to break into your automobile, the less likely they are to actually try. Physical deterrents include steering collars, along with steering, brake, and wheel locks. Theft-deterrent decals, identification markers in or on your automobile’s windows or mirrors, and etching of your car’s number plates on the bonnet are also effective.

It’s simple to do, quick, and inexpensive to have done before taking over a car at the dealership. It’s merely etching your vehicle’s VIN number on each of the windows and other glass in the automobile. Even if windows are smashed or the vehicle is stolen. Security alarms, as well as other loud warning devices, may also help you defend yourself. They’ve gotten a lot better. Some systems even notify you of an issue via your phone.

Internal Deterrents

Thieves can be deterred with ignition kill switches. The automobile won’t start while the power to the engine or fuel tank is cut off. There is a hidden switch that disables it that only the owner should know about. Another great choice for deterring thieves from stealing your automobile is wireless ignition authentication technology. These gadgets resemble fobs with transmitters that are used to power the ignition on. Without using a key, wireless remotes are the most convenient option. Wireless remotes with smart keys are more advanced than push-button remotes because they can start your vehicle with just one of them.

Tracking Systems

When your car is reported stolen, this technology notifies the cops or monitoring service. “Telematics,” which use GPS to track vehicles, are becoming more popular. If the car is driven, the system notifies the owner, and computer tracking may be used to find it.

How You Can Prevent Car Theft

Here are more tips and tricks for you to make your car more immune to criminal damage and theft:

  • Lock your car at all times even when it’s in the driveway
  • Don’t leave your keys inside
  • Close all windows and sunroof
  • Don’t leave your car on if you’re away from it
  • Don’t keep items of high value in your car

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