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Stolen Car Keys: What Should I Do?

In a case of stolen car keys, you will have to call the police and file a report. They should handle the investigation part of it. Meanwhile, you will have to reach out to your car’s dealer or mechanic for replacement keys or locks. We’ll get into all the specifics in the later sections, but if there’s one way you should handle stolen car keys -it’s calmly.

Why is it a Big Deal When Your Car Keys Are Stolen?

The major worry when your car keys are stolen is that the thief will be able to gain access and steal your car. In order to prevent that, it’s key (no pun intended) that you notify the police once you are sure that your keys were stolen.

If your car has been stolen, they can start looking for it immediately. However, if you still have your car, you can have it moved to the dealership for new keys or locks. You may keep all sorts of important information in your car, including vehicle insurance and registration.

Your sensitive information is on these documents, and if they fall into the wrong hands, you can be the victim of identity theft.

What to do When Your Car Keys Are Stolen

There are two types of keys and ignitions on the auto market that will determine what path you take in the event they are stolen. There are electronic keys fobs and standard turn-key ignitions.

Electronic key fobs are becoming more common, while a good number of models today still use the old-fashioned turn-key.

Here’s what to do when either of the keys is stolen:

  • Electronic key fob - If your electronic car key is stolen, then this is an easy fix. Instead of changing locks or ignition, the dealership can reprogram your car’s locks and keys electronically. This can cost a couple of hundred dollars but still is the cheapest way to get around stolen car keys.
  • Standard turn-key - If your car keys are stolen, you will have to get the locks changed and even the ignition as well. This can be a pricey and long process, but at least your car wasn’t stolen by whoever took your keys. As you can see from both of these cases, the object isn’t to get your keys back but to make the stolen ones useless.

What if Your Home Keys Were Stolen Along With Your Car Keys?

Home keys seem to have a mainstream place on the ring of your car keys. When your home keys are stolen with them, you will have to reach out to a couple of people, depending on your living situation.

If you are a renter, then you will have to contact your landlord for extra keys. Homeowners’ course of action depends on how expensive the locks on their house are. If the locks are standard, then they can be easily changed.

However, more heavy-duty locks can be expensive to replace, so instead, the keys are changed, and the locks are slightly retooled. These can all be done by your local locksmith.

What Else Should You Keep in Mind When Your Keys Are Stolen?

In addition to calling the police, you should also pay attention to suspicious people around your car. There is a chance the thief knew what your car looked like when they stole your keys. If you end up finding your keys, remember to inform the police so as not to waste law enforcement resources.

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