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Nail Technician Insurance

Nail technician insurance

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Nail Technician Insurance

While people seldom hurt something like their nails, that doesn’t mean that the profession of nail technician or stylist isn’t without its occupation risks. At the same time, there are all the usual hazards associated with running a business and having employees.

Nail salons are driven and defined by their personal care and service, so ultimately, the customer gets the last say if they are happy with it or not. If something were to happen while they are in the establishment, and there are several things that can, it can spell bad news for the business like any other. Injuries, damage, and claims at any place of business can put it in the red and out of service altogether if it doesn’t have a good business policy.

Insurance Navy specializes in Nail technician insurance policies and always helps our policyholders save big on premiums. 

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Why should nail techs have good Nail technician insurance coverage?

Just because some business insurance is required by law isn’t the only reason why businesses like nail salons should carry nail tech insurance coverage. Nail services and care often involve working with sharp and electrical tools along with chemicals. These can injure both employees and customers if they aren’t totally careful.

When customers are sitting in the salon chair having a manicure or pedicure, and while in the salon itself, here are the risks and hazards that nail technicians have to navigate and be aware of:

  • Accidental injuries to customers while a manicurist is using a nail tool or electronic during an appointment
  • General injuries to customers associated with being in a commercial location, like the usual slip and fall injuries that the businesses are liable for
  • Allergic reactions to chemicals and some nail products by customers 
  • Accidental nail polish or cleaner spill on a customer or their property 
  • Missing or stolen nail products 
  • Typical property damage due to weather or criminal activity 
  • Nail techs getting injured while at work and requires medical attention and time off
  • Assets like tools, polish, basins, and chairs are kept within the salon in the event they need repairs or replacements 
  • Breach of personal data when sending information to customers or a cyberattack 

These are just a few things that can Nail tech insurance can protect your salon from.

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How much does Nail technician insurance cost? 

Business insurance coverage can cost as little as $500 or as much as $2,000, and that’s usually for one type of coverage. The good news is that nail technician isn’t the riskiest occupation or has the most expensive insurance risks.

Still, the factors that determine what the premiums will differ between nail salons. One may have more employees than another or operate in a risky area and pay more because of it.

Naturally, the more coverage, the more it will cost. Another factor is past insurance-claim history, which providers use to gauge how much of a risk they would be to insure.

As is the case with most business insurance, the safest and most reliable nail technicians pay less for coverage. 

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Types Nail technician insurance

With all those risks and hazards, putting together the optimal nail technician insurance policy can seem overwhelming. The good news is that traditional commercial insurance types will fit a nail salon like a glove.

While every nail technician pays a different amount for insurance, the businesses themselves tend to carry the same types of coverage. The most basic and essential coverage one in the nail field could get is the following. 

General liability insurance 

First and foremost in any business insurance policy is coverage that protects the business itself. A customer can slip and fall the moment they walk into a store or establishment, and already the business is liable for medical and legal expenses because of it. Any lost wages or income as a result of the customer’s injury will also be covered by commercial liability insurance. 

In the context of running a nail salon, general liability will also cover any property damage to customers. This can be the case if an employee spills nail polish or anything else they are working with on a customer’s mobile device or clothes.

A more or less unique protection that general liability offers a nail technician is slander and libel if an employee speaks badly or gossips about a customer and they overhear it.

Again, claims like these can result in thousands of dollars coming out of a business’ pocket. While general liability isn’t required by law, it’s more than recommended nail technicians, and quite literally everyone working carries it. 

Professional liability insurance 

Nail technicians sell a professional service, and there are damages that can occur when a service is being given that usually isn’t covered by general liability insurance.

This can be the case if an employee makes an error or causes damage while working and accounts for any emotional and physical injuries to customers during their appointments. 

This can be the case if a nail technician accidentally injures a customer while working with something like a nail buffer. Another case would be if a customer were to have an allergic reaction to one of the nail products being used.

If an injury causes someone like a model to lose a gig, then the business can be sued for loss of earnings as a result.

Lastly, any breach or loss of customer data or information for appointments and bookings will also be covered in the event of a lawsuit.

While general liability insurance covers the business, professional liability insurance covers the practice, and it’s just as important to carry. 

Workers compensation insurance 

Businesses must also consider their employees. Not just because workers’ compensation insurance is often required by law but because a business is as successful as the people behind it. While being a nail technician isn’t the riskiest job, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be injured while working.

Employees are also eligible for a workers’ compensation claim if they need to miss work for a period of time in order to recover from on-the-job injuries and their lost wages covered.

Some customers may make appointments with a certain nail technician in mind who happens to be their favorite. Nail technicians are also known for sustaining head, neck, and back injuries from prolonged sitting and serving clients.

Naturally, treatment comes with its own medical costs that are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If they were to come to work with such ailments, they could unintentionally injure customers. So, employees’ health is another top priority of running a service-driven establishment like a nail salon. 

Equipment damage and breakdown insurance 

One may refer to this insurance as nail tech insurance since it’s meant to cover. At every nail technician’s station is an array of nail tools and tech that they need to give customers the manicures and pedicures they desire. This includes nail desks, lamps, files, buffers, and drills, along with acrylic and gels.

These tools may break or be stolen. Rather than pay the replacement or repair costs, insure the nail tech with equipment damage and breakdown insurance. 

Another great aspect of equipment damage and breakdown insurance is that it will cover any lost income in the time a salon will have to go without one or more nail devices awaiting a replacement. This is a very common type of commercial insurance for beauty salons like hair stylists and spas. 

Commercial property insurance 

With customers, employees, and nail equipment covered with the aforementioned insurance, there is just the matter of insuring the nail salon itself with commercial property coverage.

This can be the case whether the premise is owned or rented. Any building, along with the contents inside, is threatened by damage resulting from an electrical fire or criminal activity.

While nail salons aren’t exactly the prime target of break-ins and vandalism, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if a nail salon operates in an area subject to inclimate weather or high crime rates. 

If the building is owned rather than rented, then the nail salon will be responsible for insuring it should any damage occur from a storm, vandalism, or other hazards.

Meanwhile, the landlord is responsible for the insurance policy, which covers the building if it’s rented by a nail salon or any other business.        

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Additional types of Nail tech insurance

If there are must-haves for a nail salon’s insurance policy, then they are the aforementioned coverages above. At the same time, there are more specific hazards that may occur in such a setting that the board insurance won’t cover.

While these insurance coverages aren’t required, they may come in handy for several nail technicians. 

Cyber liability insurance 

Nail salons often store customers’ information for booking appointments on a computer system. If there is a breach by cyber criminals or a cyber attack, the privacy of that information can be compromised. This can also be the case if confidential messages are sent out to the wrong person.

Hack and data breaches can cause some financial damage which cyber insurance comes to the rescue to cover. Cyber coverage may also come with cybercrime and attack prevention services as well. 

Business interruption insurance 

If the nail salon has to close due to unforeseen damage or repairs for a period of time, it’s missing out on business and income. Business interruption insurance insures any establishment for lost income during this time.

This coverage may also be referred to as business income insurance. Regardless, something like fire damage can cause any business to shutter itself until it’s ready to operate again.                          

Commercial car insurance 

Some nail specialists see their clients on the go rather than at a location. While driving from customer to customer, their normal car insurance will not cover them for that time. From there, commercial car insurance would be required to insure a vehicle used for work purposes.

Like normal auto coverage, commercial or business coverage is required. In the event of an at-fault accident and property damage, while driving, commercial car insurance functions as the foremost liability coverage for the other drivers and their cars. 

Nail tech insurance from Insurance Navy 

Putting together the ideal insurance policy for nail tech can seem like and cost a lot if you’re not entirely sure what your nail operation needs.

Let Insurance Navy be your guide to not just finding the nail salon coverage that you need but also saving big while doing so. We proudly use the same competitive and low-cost-focused process we use to find out in-demand cheap car insurance to find an equally low standard cost of commercial insurance for any business regardless of field.

Start with a free Nail tech insurance quote from us today and see how much you and your staff of nail technicians can save on insurance.         

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