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Barber Insurance

Although it’s shuddering to think about things like injuries and risks to employees and customers in a barbershop, it’s necessary for the sake of insurance, like any other business. Barbers are also held to the highest level of personal service with the work they do.

In fact, barbers used to be doctors in the old days. It’s still a really noble profession because they still help people feel better –about themselves, that is, with great haircuts and treatment services.

Barbers that offer shaves still have that old-school appeal as well. Insurance claims for injury or damage at a barber’s never tend to be cheap, with the average around $5,000, according to the National Association of Barbers.

Still, all it takes is a good commercial insurance policy, and Insurance Navy is ready to help you find it and save while doing so. 

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Why do you need Barber insurance coverage for your barbershop? 

Even when it’s not required by the state, business insurance is still a must-have for anyone running an operation. One damage or injury is enough to put an uninsured establishment out of business at the very least.

At the same time, there are several hazards that can cause them in a barbershop. As customers are sitting in the chair having their hair cut, barbers have to account for the following hazards:

  • Accidental injuries to customers during a haircut due to the sharp tools that are constantly being worked with
  • General injuries to customers while on the premises, such as slipping and falling
  • Diseases and infections caused by improperly sanitized equipment 
  • Missing or stolen hair products from the inventory sold over the counter or equipment
  • Property damage to location due to fire, weather, or criminal hazards
  • An employee being injured and having to miss work for a period of time 
  • Criminal damage like theft and dishonesty from employees
  • Customers’ allergic reactions to certain hair products
  • Equipment that breaks and needs to be replaced

These are just a few examples of things barber insurance can cover.

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How much does Barber insurance cost?

It’s been reported that a barber in charge of a shop pays about $3,135 annually for a business owner’s policy, which accounts for general liability and commercial property (worker’s compensation is not included). That’s about $261 a month. 

Factors that can determine how much barbershop insurance can cost include the location, claim history, and desired coverage. In comparison to other professional services, barbershops tend to pay slightly more on account of how closely they work with people. Much like safe drivers with car insurance, safe and reliable barber’s will pay less for insurance.

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Types of Barber insurance coverage

When a barber puts an insurance policy together, very rarely is it just made up of one type of coverage based on all the aforementioned risks and hazards.

Every business needs to carefully consider the risks they regularly deal with in order to build the perfect commercial policy. Cost is an entirely personal matter that varies between barbershops, which will be looked at later, while the following business insurance types are the ones they most commonly include on their insurance policies. 

General liability insurance for barbers  

The most important and sometimes required business insurance any establishment can have is commercial general liability insurance.

The customers’ safety always comes first, and this is the foremost coverage that insures the business and reimburses the injured customer(s) for ensuing medical bills and even lost wages if they are unable to go to work for a period of time because of it. 

Barber shops not only have to worry about the usual slipping and falling accidents but also any accidents that happen while cutting the customers’ hair. Hairstylists train hard to give the safest trims and cuts they can possibly do.

With every professional service, accidents can happen even if we don’t like to think about them. General liability also comes to the rescue of any property damage done to customers should the barbershop be responsible.

Another barbershop-specific coverage is if a customer has an allergic reaction to a certain hair product or treatment. Without a doubt, this is the most crucial barber insurance. 

Commercial property insurance for your barbershop

Barbershop commercial property insurance is more about insuring the barber equipment that is kept within the location rather than the location itself. There are a lot of tools and equipment that barbers have to account for, like their clippers, curlers, dryers, chairs, hair-washing recliners, and more, depending on what beauty services they offer.

These assets are imperative for a barber to perform everyday operations, so their upkeep and protection matter the most. Commercial property insurance will also cover the inventory of haircare products sold over the counter. Of course, the building itself is also insured against weather and criminal damage like vandalism

Barbershops aren’t exactly prime targets for robbery, but it never hurts to have coverage should it happen. There is always the chance the building itself can be vandalized, broken into, or simply hit by an out-of-control driver on a busy day.

If the space is rented, then the landlord or owner should have an insurance policy that covers the structure, while the barbershop insures everything in its space with commercial property insurance. 

Workers compensation insurance 

More often than not, every business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for employees. Having this coverage isn’t unique to a barber. Any establishment that employs the time and services of others must have workers’ compensation.

Employees can file a worker’s comp claim when they are injured on the clock. In the setting of a barbershop, that can be cutting one’s self on clippers or razors and the usual slip and fall injuries. 

It has been reported by the National Association of Barbers that musculoskeletal disorders can occur for newer barbers. This can lead to injuries in the same affected areas and may require time off to heal. At the same time, it can also injure customers if the barber continues coming to work. Keeping a team of workers of any kind in good health is always key to running a successful and also safe business. 

Liability Barber insurance or Professional liability insurance coverage 

When offering specific professional services, like barbering, it’s important to have professional liability insurance coverage. In the context of a barbershop, it’s generally referred to as just barber insurance since it’s used to cover anything that can happen while the customer is seated in the grooming chair.

These are the aforementioned, hard-to-think-about accidents involving a customer and a clipper or razor. Any ensuing medical expenses and even legal ones are covered. 

This type of coverage may also be referred to as errors and omissions insurance. Say there is no accident while cutting a customer’s hair, but it’s not what they asked, or a wrong cut is made; more legal protection comes to the rescue.

A popular claim made by barbershops is that a bad haircut can cost someone a job interview. Errors and omissions coverage is so in-depth that barbers are even covered for lost wages during the time they spend in court. In a nutshell, every professional service should have this coverage. 

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Additional types of Barber insurance

The types of barber insurance previously mentioned are those that must be on a shop’s policy. The following includes more protection-specific insurance for barbershops that may or may not be necessary based on their individual needs.

These types of insurance coverage are also not required by law like worker’s compensation is. 

Equipment breakdown and damage insurance 

When a business operates with specialized equipment, like hair grooming tools and machines, there is a chance their value may exceed the traditional coverage limits of the policy. This also includes any computer or electrical system being used by the barbershop in the event they are damaged.

Some hair grooming tools, like a straightener, need to be plugged in to work, and that requires constant power. Equipment breakdown coverage covers the repair and replacement value of any hairstylist equipment along with any lost income caused by their absence. 

Business income insurance coverage 

While all the aforementioned coverages insure a barbershop for lost income while an employee or equipment is unavailable, when the property or building is damaged is another matter on its own. What if every barber can’t get to work? That’s where business income coverage comes into play.

Meanwhile, a barber working from home would have to look into business insurance for the home since their homeowners’ policy won’t cover any commercial activity. This can be an incredibly useful coverage to have if a barbershop operates in an area that experiences inclimate weather or high crime rates. 

Student Barber insurance 

There is specialized professional coverage meant for barbers still in school or getting their hairstylist certification. This is normally offered by the National Association of Barbers for new and onboarding professionals.

It’s a necessary coverage to have as a barber because the only way new ones learn is by hands-on experience with customers. Even then, it’s important to be insured for any accidents. 

Barbershop insurance from Insurance Navy 

There aren’t too many corporate barbershops and hairstylists. In fact, the majority are privately owned and managed. As an independent business, Insurance Navy understands that budget is everything, no matter the service being provided.

We proudly take the same competitive approach to commercial insurance for every business as we do for auto insurance, with a prioritization of cheap premiums. People are always going to need their hair cut, so it’s important to keep all the best barbers in business by giving them an easy-in to profits with barber’s insurance.

Start snipping away at unwanted, expensive commercial insurance premiums with a free online quote today. 

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